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What is actual way of communication in steemit?

Steem, being a social platform is based primarily on the interaction of users, their contents and opinions. So basically all the applications on the steem blockchain offers some form of interaction.

However, due to the growing demand for more personalized conversations in real time on the blockchain, steemchat was formed which allows near real time conversations between users.

Another very popular means of conversation on the steem blockchain had been through discord, which users usually organize themselves into community groups to have real time conversations. Although discord is not part of the steem blockchain, it has become highly popular among users.

You can also reach out to users on mainstream social platforms based on your preference.


Though STEEMIT is the Social Media Platform but it lacks of major things. For now, we don't bother as we already accepted the STEEMIT in this way. Since communication is an important thing to make connections and learning something new from other.

It doesn't have inside way to communicate but you can still communicate with steemians other than actual steemit platform.  There are 2 main ways to communicate outside of steemit with STEEMIANS.

  1. Discord

Discord is a well growing communication web and mobile app to get in touch with other steemian for having productive talk about many things. You can make an account there and start adding steemians out there and you can also join major dAps groups to learn more about it.

 2. Steemit.chat

This is also based on steemit where you can find most of steemians. Just leave the message and you will get reply if they get online. It is a cool way to communicate. 

Choice is yours Now!! 


 Steemit gives you the best opportunity to interact with other steemains. This platform is really best to making good friends and reading their blog post which is also the best way to knowing each other. Steemit is decentralized social media platform where we can also make the friend and having the a good conversation with each other.

Discord is an amazing App that allows closing with friend and group chatting to knowing the person wherever they belong to other countries. Basically, this is the best option is using discord to interact with peoples. For searching for friends who related to steemit, you can search in the discord server. I personally make a lot of good friends they blog to abroad country.

I praised to Nigerian peoples they are so kind-hearted and helping peolpe. I personally very liked that person they help each other. I have that friend who is very much helping. So I said this app is super hit o interacting with steem blockchain.  So technically it would be great if you making friends here because conversating between steemains is the best way to knowing each other.