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Do you think steem price cross $10 after Smt got live ?

The SMT is a project that many steem investors or traders or users really can’t wait for it to get launched

because it will be a positive development for the steem

blockchain and that would make more people to invest on steem and when the investment increases it will

obviously increase the demands on steem and that

would make the steem price to skyrocket,steem price have reached $8 before during the time when there

were huge demands on the market and so i believe that the SMT will make the steem price to increase in

demands and make the price to go up and it can reach the 10$ or above...


I don't think SMT's will cause the price to jump to such highs. It will be the general crypto market that'll do it. It may take years for the crypto market to recover but I believe decentralized platforms will have a permanent and growing place in the world, which is why the price of STEEM may well reach $10 and beyond in the future.


Lol. No. Not with Ned leading us. He is about as cold as you can get. He does not have the charisma to bring in the people. I mean I really like steemit and the block chain but a new face is needed I think to get things going. Plus all coins are going to follow bitcoin so as long as it is down, all of them will be down.