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Why cats are loved by many people around this world?

Cats are adorable, amazing, beautiful and intelligent (would not wonder if they come up with Catbook or Pawstagram or Purrterest next).

Cats can be friendly, loving, loyal, fun, calming - a cats purr is the most calming and scientists even found out that a cats purr has a specific frequency which is beneficial for you, for example...my cat came always to me when I had a headache or was unwell and purred the pain and discomfort away. When you have a cat as a friend and it trusts you you have a best friend for life. Your purring best friend will make you laugh, comfort you, be there for you. Often you can tell that a person you know is a bad person just by looking how your cat reacts to that person. My cat was always right in that regard. Cats are honest. By watching a cat you can see how it feels. It will never pretend. I have always made the experience that people who disliked cats anf claimed that is because they are convinced they are false or deceitful did this only because they were false and deceitful people.

So no wonder that cats are loved. They are little purring miracles.