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Why people select android or apple mobile phone?

Personal preference.

Or perhaps sometimes, as a consequence of social influence.

Or perhaps sometimes, because there are certain functions available on one not available on the other.

And likely a few other reasons


Basically from what I've seen I think your question means to say why do people select "android phones over apple mobile phones"? Well I'm glad rephrase your question and going to answer it now .

I will answer you from my opinion I think android phones are less complicated and more easier to use I've seen a lot of people who use apple phones and they're limited they seem to be limited to the way they download applications , where to download songs for their mobile phones in fact it's like they can't even connect through bluetooth two other devices online android phones that can connect through bluetooth with any phone be in a nokia a samsung or even any java phone so these complications scares people away in fact it scared me away when I was about to go for an apple phone, but at the end of the day I decided to go for the simplicity of an android phone.

Another thing is that apple phones are more expensive than android people want to have good phones that will be doable and still come with a cheaper price and that is android for you people are actually loving the fact that they can get a very sophisticated android phone for $80 but I don't think so much of apple products.

In fact in countries like zimbabwe it is really difficult to find apple stores but you can basically find android stores everywhere in any country you go so when people have problems with their phones they do not need to go abroad or other countries in order to search for stores because they have them around and that is an advantage that android phones have over apple and people are aware of this fact so that's why people go for android phones instead of apple


It sounds a bit vague to me whether to choose from Android or Apple (iPhone). If that's the context, then I'll answer I will choose Android because I can do a lot of things on it, likewise it si easy to connect with others using the same operating system by sharing some files, which isn't kinda easy with iPhone users. Also, considering the price, Android is much cheaper than iPhone. You can buy mid-range phones with great features with Android, unlike iPhones which their cheapest is the old models. Nevertheless, iPhones are undeniably good in quality, and they're more secure than Android.

On the other hand, if you mean why people choose Android over iPhone, then re-read my reasons above why I prefer Android than iPhones.


I think it is how they select it, and I think that most of the poeple are doing it mostly based on the prices of the phones. Android mobile phones are much cheaper than the Apple mobile phones. Apple products are much more expensive in general, and a lot of people can't afford buying them.