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Who told you about steemit and when?

It's funny because the first time I heard of steemit was by my good friend @maikelsoto who I met one day in December last year and chatting for a while told me that he wanted to show me a page that was helping him a lot to earn some money, I had to leave but in my mind I have to admit I think "great another  one who wants me to join those pages where you have to make thousands of clicks to earn 1$".

But then at the beginning of the year we had the opportunity to talk better and Wow I was delighted with the page, in fact then I was able to go with him to a conference that was done about steemit to clear my doubts and fully understand the workings of steemit and blockchain.

Since then it was love at first sight with steemit, too the concept of the platform has kept me captivated.


I found the Steemit platform whike doing research for a blockchain venture I'm currently working on. I was astonished at how far along the platform was, and I've fallen in love with the community and how helpful most users are—especially to new users.

I'm happy to say that I can see myself joining the #deletefacebook movement soon as I spend so much time learning from other steemians that I simply have no time for the sewer that Facebook and other social 2.0 apps have become.


I gladly want to say and appreciate to my brother @enisshkurti which helped me to learn what steem is with a great calmness and effort while I was not understanding anything in the begging of the August before some months. So it took me and him little bit of time to teach me how this works and what should I do. So I started to learn and love it, since it has some really amazing applications such as @steepshot @musing itself and the @steemhunt


In December of last year a group of friends were already working on Steemit, I could not believe that everyone really liked the same work on the internet, so I decided to start with Steemit in the same way.

They are a large group to be able to name them all, but thanks to them I knew this community and I was able to improve my writing of text and I knew many people thanks to it.

Now I am the only one who follows Steemit from my friends hahahaha they left it to get a better job, I continue because I think it is a good way to invest the time so that in the future to be a big orca that can give a lot of money and help Many minnows.