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Which part is more value able on musing Question of answers?

It depends. Sometimes both the question and the answer are valuable while sometimes questions are being asked in poor English grammar or without too much sense to them at all so you have to kind of figure out what the author is trying to ask and this situation doesn't makes the question that valuable. I have seen this type of questions with great answers and can't say that both the question and the answer were valuable in the same way. However from my experience it seems that usually answers are more well written, accurate and have a good grammar comparing them with the majority of the questions asked thus I think that percentage wise answers are a bit more valuable but on the other hand you can't have an answer without a question so questions are also important. It's easier though to address questions than to answers them so that's why I think that questions have a slightly lower quality than answers. I hope though that in the future more and more interesting, good and insightful questions will be addressed.

That's my take on the topic. How you found it interesting and wish you a great day! 


They are both important as you can't have one without the other.

Rewards will go more to an answer than a question as not much time goes into a question compared to an answer.

If there are no questions then there is no musing and the same applied to answers.


I start my journey in musing today.

I visit it from pros & cons. Its procedure is so nice.

That two portion is great value in this platform.

  • So I think question & answer is very important, because when anyone asked question here if he/she can not get answer that satisfaction in mind is not came. So both portion is important. 

They are both equally valuable.

Without questions, the answers would not make a lot of sense.

Without answers (or trying to get the answers!), questions do not make a lot of sense either.


There are two parts here. If you talk about your upvote from musing then the right answer with a proper English will get more upvote in comparison with question. 

But if you are talking about question then without any question written on musing it is not possible for any user to answer. So question is more importance in terms of power than answer. But if we talk opposite to it without answer, question also not have any value. But if someone ask good question then only he get answer related to it. So in my opinion both the points are very important here.