What was your last experience with doctor which is never forgettable?

Pretty much every visit I ever had with a dentist/orthodontist growing up. Why? Because every single time no matter how often I brushed or flossed a) they didn't believe me and b) they told my mother I wasn't taking care of my oral health as well.

This was a problem because my mother didn't like feeling 'embarrassed' that I couldn't take care of myself and the dentist had to tell her as such. She also did not believe I was brushing and flossing like I should be, because why would the dentist lie to her? And rather than take my suggestion of watching me in the mornings and evenings to make sure I was doing what I was supposed to and then having the dentist tell her next time I wasn't that was apparently 'too much effort' and I just continued to get grounded and in trouble over this.

When I was around 16 after the braces I'd had for 4 years finally came off they gave me a retainer and I told my mom that I wasn't going to wear it and she'd have to physically and bodily drag me off to that dentist again. I'd see anyone else, I offered to hit up Google and find another dentist in the area with good ratings and even take the hit to my anxiety and call them to confirm and everything. But no, it was either that dentist or nothing at all, so I opted for nothing.

The irony there is that I never wore that stupid retainer and my teeth are just fine 12 years later. As my dad found out from a second opinion it's likely I never would have needed braces, and to back this up I found out about 4 years after I stopped seeing that dentist that he was sued for doing unnecessary dental work on the kids to charge parents more.

So yeah, that whole package deal is something I'll never forget. Mostly the getting trouble even though I was doing exactly what they wanted me to do and all the anxiety that caused when I was a child.


One of the most traumatic experiences I have had with a doctor was my first visit with a woman gynecologist. I was 13 years old and my mother had taken me to a pediatric gynecologist to have one of my painful breasts checked. At that time, the woman asked for my mother to stay out of the office. At first, the woman asked me to undress completely and then, in a strange way, she started touching me. Since I had never been with a gynecologist before, I didn't know how to react, so I was reassured. She asked my mom to take me another day. On that other occasion, she did the same thing and I felt like she was abusing me. So I told my mom and we left the office and filed a complaint. It turns out that this woman had a habit of overreacting to her patients. From that moment on I feel a lot of apprehension every time I go to the gynecologist and I only see myself with male gynecologists.


Last year I had two head surgeries. The first one was at the beginning of December 2016, the second at the beginning of January. It was only plastic surgery but I had 11 incisions on my head and twice as many stitches. 

The doctor worked with local anesthesia, separately for each incision. The dosage had to be calculated carefully to avoid overdose, which could cause complications. I remember when he finished the last one, the first anesthetic's effect was  long gone. He kept asking me if I feel any pain because others were screaming by now and I wasn't saying a word. I said I feel the pain but what's the use of creaming and crying, I know this has to be done and screaming isn't going to change anything. It turned out I set a record by having six incisions in one session. 

The second was easier, I knew what to expect. The pain was there but pain is only temporary. 

I was proud of myself for tolerating pain so well and for proving the surgeon this can be done without me saying a word. I could tolerate the pain because I trained myself for the event mentally and was prepared. I said to myself I can endure pain for an hour so I can enjoy life after without the problems I had before. 

It was a great lesson that made me more stronger mentally. 



Once I had a doctor try to perform an operation that should have been conducted by podiatry. 

It was for an ingrown toe nail when I was a teenager. The doctor did not know where the nerves in the toe were located, and unsuccessfully tried to administer an anesthetic.

He must have given me 6 shots or more, and I could still feel every bit of what he was doing. He also failed completely at removing the part of the nail properly that needed to be removed.

I ended up with a podiatry referral, which should have been the initial decision, but the doctor was sure he could perform the surgery.  (and the podiatrist only needed to give me 3 shots, for full numbing)

I will never forget the doctor's unprofessional attitude. When I told him I could feel pain still, he actually said "sometimes you just need to deal with a little pain". Wait what? What kind of a doctor says something like this during an operation??!!!!!


I gotta admit that in my younger days I neglected my dental care a lot... this all ended up causing me to have to get a root canal on one teeth...

To put it simple, now I'm a dental care freak, I'm that guy that does goes to the dentist every 6 months, never forgets to brush and use a few products to keep my mouth healthy.

I still remember the drills and the needles going in into my tooth to destroy the nerves and trying to save it to prevent an extraction, I'm glad I endured it cuz I got to keep my teeth and I became cleaner as a consequence of it.