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What Are You Thankful For?
The question is very simple. What are you greatful for today.

First of all I am thankful for being borne as a human, which is considered to be superior compared to all the other living species in this universe. And then I am thankful for being healthy at birth. Then I am thankful to my Parents for giving me all the necessary elements to grow healthy along with the love and affection. And then I am thankful to be able to control my requirements and desire to live a stress free and simple life , to be able to sleep happily at the end of every day. 

In this world, there is so much of suffering. In my family alone, we have children borne with deformity, and we are suffering for that. And then I see many people, who are suffering from some form of disease, because of either their living style, or because of their desire making their living style bad. 

And then last not but the least, poverty is the greatest curse, and thankfully, I am able to earn my bread and butter for my simple living. 

I don't want to leave anything, when I die, all I want is upbring my children with the same philosophy and enjoy a simple and decent living. 

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I am grateful for my children, my health, my life, and how fortunate I am. 

I haven't lived an easy life, but others have lived a harder life than me. I am grateful for every bite I eat, every morning I wake up, and every time I see my children, I feel nostalgia, and a feeling of living vicariously through them.

Life's trials and tribulations have taught me some invaluable lessons, and for this, I am fortunate, and grateful. 


Today, I'm grateful to the Almighty God for sparing my life till the first Sunday in the month of November.

I'm grateful for my wonderful Family, for making us meet in peace after a long while.

I'm grateful for the success records in my exams

I'm grateful for my finances.

And above all I'm grateful for being able to be gratefully to God for everything he has done for me and my family. If I have a thousand tongues I cannot still thank Him enough.

Happy Sunday


According to the language of gratitude is a compliment to the person who gives goodness, for his kindness.

Like after enjoying something, or thanking someone who gave something. In language actions like this are called gratitude.

Whereas the notion of gratitude in religion is to use favor in accordance with the intention of giving it favor by the giver. If we ponder for a moment, then we will be able to realize that we are all surrounded by unlimited blessings.

In a matter of time, every second, every minute, and so on, the uninterrupted enjoyment of life, health, intelligence, senses, inhaled air is poured out. Because of that, every time we are required to be grateful by acknowledging in our hearts and using it in goodness according to the guidance of the Shari'a.

There are many ways that humans can be grateful for. Broadly speaking, thankful for this blessing can be done in three ways.

The ways to be grateful for favors are as follows:

1. Be grateful for the heart

The point is to acknowledge, believe and believe wholeheartedly that all forms of enjoyment come only from God.

2. Be grateful for the delicious through oral

It means that by verbally we multiply the words of all praise belonging to Allah.

3. Give thanks for the deed

That is, by our actions we carry out everything that is governed and stay away from all that is forbidden by Him. Including all things that are related in order to fulfill the commandments of Allah, both those commands that are compulsory, and the sunnah. And also by aiming to do illegal cases to support, strengthen and facilitate compulsory cases or circumcision.

Thanking God in essence is based on our recognition that all the pleasures that are in us and all of His creatures are from God.

Thanks to this heart, oral and actions should be reflected and reflected in every momentum that is real, even if it is disguised.