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How do you eliminate after meal digestive discomforts?

You eliminate a lot of after-meal digestive discomforts as you grow older by replacing the enzymes needed for digestion, absorption of nutrients, and elimination by getting the healthiest type of digestive enzymes. If you simply swallow just any digestive enzyme supplement, what you may be getting are the amylases in the supplements that break down starches that contribute to after-eating blood sugar spikes called glucose spikes.

You don't want to suffer from huge surges in blood sugar after you eat every snack or meal followed by a bloodstream full of too-much insulin, which ages your arteries and organs. One solution is eating more raw vegetarian foods chopped up small enough not to harm age-weakened teeth and worn crowns.

What you need are the tailored type of enzymes that work for you. A lot of people can't absorb fat-soluble ingredients because age has caused their bodies to make fewer enzymes that break down foods into absorbable nutrients. The right mixture of digestive enzymes can help so you can digest vitamins K, D, A, E, and the omega 3 fats, all of which are fat soluble.

When you take a lot of digestive enzyme supplements, they contain amylases the breakdown starches into sugar. Then you get sudden spikes in your blood sugar followed by insulin surges. Some people may experience insulin resistance. You don't want elevated glucose levels after eating each meal or snack because the high blood sugar surges can lead to vascular diseases, kidney failure, diabetic eye issues, or even some cancers. If you have a specific medical condition such as pancreatitis, your doctor will probably talk to you about digestive enzymes that contain amylases, if your health care professional is trained in this type of metabolic nutrition.

If you're an aging individual, you want to eat something that facilitates digestion of all those proteins, fibers, and fats you eat without breaking down starches into high surges of glucose/sugar in your blood. You have to target the underlying cause of your digestive issues. One solution is green coffee bean extract if you're eating lots of starchy foods such as weat, oats, potatoes, corn, and rice. Foods made from grain can spike blood glucose. Or you could keep eating lots of raw green salads such as cut up kale, spinach, arugula, Romaine lettuce, and celery or bok choy.

Another way to help is to reduce the sugar and starches in your foods such as adding sugar to pies and cakes or drinking tea with sugar. If you need sweet, a pinch of stevia is helpful. Then again, the chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract can help reduce the breakdown of starches into sugar as it hits your bloodstream. Or you could cut down on a lot of starches. The goal is to reduce your consumption of digestive enzymes full of amylase because the amylase breaks down the starches in all those grains you eat into sugar, which in turn gives you those high blood sugar spikes after eating. Your goal is to avoid rapid starch breakdown.


Cumin seeds. Chewing cumin seeds, along with one glass of hot water will clear all discomforts.

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