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What to Ask the Doctor when You're Pregnant?

  • what diet should be strictly followed?
  • what all medicines should be had and not had because some meds should be avoided by pregnant ladies.
  • what is the ideal rest period in a day and is it safe to walk daily?
  • is it safe to do yoga and other such exercises?
  • what fruits can be eaten? - this is important because pineapple should never be had by a pregnant woman.
  • request the chart for the injections and scan schedule.
  • always ask the doctor about body changes as it is important for the doctor to know. 
  • do not be scared to talk to the doctor or nurse about changes in body and tell them if you experience pain. 
  • do not be scared by the sudden urge to gobble everything you see - it happens
  • do not hesitate to eat food even after you throw up because you need the nourishment - try to discover and experiment with foods that do not make you feel like throwing up. I used to throw up when I smelled food being cooked and it was very difficult and so I turned to making rotis and having milk and the like. 
  • ask the doctor if you can have a small portion of dry fruits as it is healthy.
  • always note down diet changes and observe if you are better and inform the doctor.
  • try to have a good relationship with the doctor and you will have a great time. 

All the best. God Bless.


Confirm if you're pregnant first. Next is to know how old the growing child is. A pregnant woman has variable needs depending on what trimester they are in. You can expect physiological changes to occur gradually as the weeks go by. Some adjustments with hygiene, clinic follow-up, diet modifications, health educations like mother's class, some immunizations, and laboratory tests to comply. 

A pregnant woman's needs vary depending on how many weeks they are in during their pregnancy. Your doctor would also be asking you some questions and advice you of your needs. 


I had so many questions to my doctor when I confirmed I was pregnant. The first thing I asked was what should I do. I asked if there's a book he could recommend for me to be guided accordingly. I also asked if the baby is doing okay in my tummy because I have PCOS and people around me say that my pregnancy would be difficult. Of course I have to believe only my doctor.

I also asked if there are food that I need to avoid. I wanted my pregnancy to be problem-free.

Another question was how I will give birth. I actually strongly suggested I wanted a normal delivery and I did. I asked him which hospital he is affiliated with and how I could reach him if I need anything. He was my only go to person during my pregnancy. It is important to keep a constant communication with him so you can text or chat with him anytime you feel anything weird.

I also asked him if having sex with my husband during pregnancy would harm the baby. We were only restricted during the first month. :p


Am I pregnant?


I will say number one thing you should ask a doctor when you are pregnant is what tips you should follow for an easy and safe delivery.

Tips that the doctor might recommend for you so as to have a safe delivery. Tips like how and which exercise you should do, the number of sleep you should get, the types of food you should eat and so which will aid easy delivery.

Number two thing you should ask a doctor when you are pregnant is what types of drugs he should place you on also. What medications you should Aldo follow which will also help both you and the unborn child or children.

With these two questions, I think it will really help.