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Do you watch the trending or hot pages in Steemit ? If yes, then why ??
There have been significant discussions around the trending or hot page on steemit and now a days posts make it to those pages by mostly using paid upvotes or bot upvotes. Some people believe, these pages are of no use. However, I still go and see at them. The reason being, sometimes I see some interesting posts which brings or has potential to bring changes in to the steem block chain in a positive manner. Do you watch the trending or hot page ? If yes, then why ? Pitch in your opinion.

Of course Yes! Though I am very aware of some campaigns about how meaningless is the trending page of steemit because of the paid/promoted posts by the users, I still scan that major tab to gather interesting articles and updats. Let's just not generalize it. I am only taking majority of it as i can still see important posts that must be shown or prioritize for the public's benefits. These posts include steemit inc's update and some witnesses'; we also have these dapps road maps and updates from dapps founders and many more. We also need to put in our mind that not all promoted posts in trending page are meaningless. Some works were well written by some legit users and artists. They just need to promote it to gather more audiences and supporters. That's for me though and I hope it helps.

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Trending page is on Steemit is only for bitbots and Let's make steemit a fairer platform !!


I personally don't give a damn thing about posts that were being in the Trending page

Almost all of those posts that were being found in the trending page was using bidbots to boost their earnings.

I prefer reading posts that were not having huge amount of upvotes rather than those posts in the trending page.

Also I believe that I still get the chance to read good quality posts that was being resteemed by those persons that I follow.


ow, I think I also look sometimes to trending posts, but it the tag really matter. Let's say trending posts in the #philippine tag, I tend to look for those.

But not the trending page for all the tags in Steemit


YES. If you don't read trending then I think you will be missing out on just about every announcement or SMT that is released on the Steem blockchain. It seems as though the majority of people here are misinformed or haven't visited trending in a long time. A few months back the quality was trash (due to bid bots being much more profitable). However, now bid bots pretty much offer no profit, and thus those that use them to get to trending generally have a message that they want the masses to see. This is often the release of new SMTS and other updates.

In terms of the 'hot' section, this is one I only visit sporadically. I think that this is more where the trash is these days. Full of newer Steemians who spend a bit on bots to boost up there sub par content. 

I just spend alot o time on my own feed, and sometimes venture out to check out new people to follow


I watch them because posts containing important announcements are often boosted with bot votes. Most of what is on Trending is quite mediocre, or worse, created by various charlatans, and of no interest to me. But new apps are very often announced in boosted posts, so I do check Trending out from time to time. I don't pay any attention to Hot.


I do check the trending page everyday. Even though most of the posts there are due to bidbots influence. There are some good posts that one can tap knowledge from.

Some Dapps on the blockchain with little or no upvote utilize the bidbots to enter the trending page. This means more people will see it and buy into their idea. That is one of the good side of bidbots.

Despite the fact that the posts are bidbots pushed posts, the user can filter and choose the one to read rather than reading all.the posts in trending.

No one wants to miss an opportunity. I learnt of many new platforms via the trending page, so Yes I do check it every day and will advice others to do so.


I for one read stuffs on Trending and the Hot section but mostly skips authors that I know are only just using bidbots to boost their content into trending. 

As someone who have been here for over half a year now, I now know who writes whatever random things they can think of then boost it with bidbots eventually placing them a spot on Trending. So it gets literally easy who to skip next when browsing Trending.

Also I have seen those people who almost always say avoid the Trending section since it is just mostly posts being boosted by bots not organic votes, however I for one don't really see much issue in here. Quality is subjective and while many people don't really care much about Bitcoin-related news or a travel-life-blogstyle posts, others love it. I for one love reading personal blog posts rather than fictional stories. 


I most certainly do. Just about every important announcement or launch or relevant information happening on steemit gets on the hot or trending pages. One of the sure fire ways to stay abreast of all that's happening on steemit is to always look through those pages. When musing was officially launched, it was on the trending page, when stach officially launched it was on the trending page. Just about every dapp on steemit that's been launched has been on the hot or trending pages.

If you ask me, that's the best place to stay up to speed with what's going on in the steemit community as a whole.


Honestly I don't check it any more. Firstly I've followed most dapp accounts and authors that I like reading, which already takes time to read their stuff. Nowadays the trending is largely games with bidding bots anyway. There are these few people who constantly buy votes to get on the page. No need to check it anymore.


I don't, really ever. A lot of the trending posts are results of bidbots etc., which I am not strongly against but I don't often find the content I'm looking for on there. 

But, another reason I don't is that I'm more interested in trying to find less popular works to promote. There is a ton of great content being put out on Steemit every day that goes virtually unnoticed. If it gets to the trending page; then that's great! But at that point, I'd rather give my .01 vote to someone who hasn't even broken the payout threshold yet for something they poured their heart and soul into. 

What Steem needs is a fairer division of power. It can happen organically but it will take a long time. So, I'd rather put focus into the smaller posts, and who knows, maybe those posts can make it *to* the trending page with some help from us smaller members of the community. 

Also, I'm under the impression that pretty much any trending post that I am really interested in will eventually be resteemed into my feed. That's how it usually seems to work, anyway :)


I do look into the trending page sometimes but only to get disappointed. Hahha just kidding.

Well, i just observed that most of the post on the trending page aren't that worthy enough of the votes, to be brutally honest, there are way lot other post that are worth reading and be voted other than those that landed the trending page.

I was educated by my friend that some of them use bidbots to get lot of votes so what I usually do is follow curator pages and just browse on my feed.

It's not that I judge those post in the trending page badly, I also have my own judgement and when I think a post is worthy to be voted, i'll definitely upvote it.


Not at all, i love engagement and most people there are overwhelmed by comments that they dont even get back to you.

Unless of course i notice that the poster is engaging.

The least they can do it upvote and acknowledge a comment but nope, ao i dont waste my time Unless i really feel the need to engage.

Another reason is they hardly have topics that are applealing to me., aside from very few accounts like @adsactly.


Yes I'd watch the trending page just to know what has been trending the past few days.

But it all seems the top trending post are there because of the upvotes from bid bots.

Most post on trending don't really trend base on quality of it's content.

I also check Hot pages, when I need to see instant discussion/comments on a post.


There was a time when I was new in this platform I seen the top trend post regularly. but, as the time passes I realized that majority of top trends posts are bid-bots efforts by paid  votes. This type of scheme is giving advantage to the bots more than the user. On the other hand it's killing the creativity of the people who doesn't afford to get paid votes. 


i love to check the trending pages when i first joined steemit and the reason why i do check it is to learn about why those contents were the ones were on the

trending page so that i can also create contents that will easily also make the trending page but i later found

out that it is no longer that very easy anymore especially added with the facts that many people now use bid-bots or any other form to make their contents to hit the trending page,,and we have so much contents on

the steemit platform and that has made visibility of a content to be difficult and now the only way your contents can get very lovely visibility is that you need to

have massive followers or do massive promotion or use bid-bots or use platforms that have alot of audience,....


No, why waste you time? Just know who to follow. Screw trending or hot.


I am writing regular answers of question so I uses hot section regularly because by watching hot section we can able to know how they had written the answer and how much upvotes they got and also we can able to read the answer who had written it and we can also know the proper answer of the question.

Many people believe that in hot section we only see the people who had good upvotes on their blog but it is not true we all have our answer on boy section for that you have to write a answer which is similar to question and it should has good contents with proper words should used to get upvotes . After writing answer if we get upvotes then our answer comes in trending and everyone able to read our answers as well as they can also give upvotes and comments on our answer.

For my good knowledge I always used hot pages regularly.


Yeah i do watch the trending page on steemit so that i can see contents that are trending and i might be interested in,i love to view the trending page so that i

can see authors or contents that are very popular during that period of time because it inspires me and

makes me believe that someday i will also have contents that will make the trending page,,it also makes me to get useful informations which can be used to

make me succeed in the cryptocurrency trading business,but i observed that there are some people who uses bid bots to promote contents that are not useful on the platform.....


NO. Trending is a constant flow of garbage. All of it put there by bid bots. Just trash.


No. Trending is a giant dumpster fire of articles I have no interest in at all 99.99999% of the time.



Unless you are affiliated with the author of a specific post that happens to be on trending or hot page, you are likely to get little interactions and reciprocal upvote from them.