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Is another global recession around the corner? In such an event how will that affect crypto-economy?

I haven't really heard any news about global recession for now maybe because of the status quo occurring in our current economy since there haven't experience any form of development or improvement here in my country.

If global recession happens as you've stated, how will that affect the crypto economy?

It may actually affect the crypto economy as a result of decrease in the number of investors. Most investors will want to withdraw their money from cryptos just to meet their demand and cover up some expenses and this may actually affect the worth of crypto if there aren't much investors.

Looking at it on the other side, it may also be a means of economic booster if the government support such cause. It may actually protect the economy from recession if it is well utilized. We actually have some people who are still living their lives comfortably and okay even when there is recession because of their smart investments in crypto and they are also doing very well in life.

In conclusion, economic recession may affect crypto by reducing the number of investors and it may also boost the economy if we have more great investors with the support of government.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps