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Which one is the real goal of cryptocurrency and blockchain - decentralization or censorship resistant?

Decentralization isn't an end in itself, but a means to achieve censorship resistance, as well as related goals like permissionless innovation - for example, anyone can build a dapp on the Steem or Ethereum blockchain. At the moment, the VeriBlock system is driving up the price of Bitcoin transactions, but Bitcoin users can't do anything to stop their Proof of Proof transactions.

It's impossible to guarantee full freedom of speech on a digital platform without decentralization. If one party has the power, it will be held responsible by the government, pressure groups and advertisers. For years, users expected Reddit to allow any content that was legal in the US, but the laws became stricter and Reddit started banning subreddits that could scare away advertisers.

But decentralization by itself isn't enough to guarantee censorship resistance. When you send Steem or bitcoin to an exchange, they might be refused when the exchange suspects they're from a boycotted country or profits from trading drugs. Actually, those kind of laws usually forbid them to tell you why your money isn't welcome. Transactions also need to be private.


By censorship-resistant crypto asset, we mean that the asset can not be confiscated by any authority and the user is the sole owner of this asset. The user can transfer the asset to another user at its own discretion and with out any influence of others. In order to make an asset censor-resistant there are many factors that come into play such as cryptography, consensus protocol, mining etc. But in order to make the crypto asset censor-resistant, the technical properties have to be made unchanged and can not be tampered with.

Now when we talk about to keep the technical properties unchanged, we are stepping up to make the system decentralized. So when the technical properties are unchanged or can not tampered or altered without consensus of the network then we are calling it decentralized. The term decentralization is really vast one and it covers many objectives. The censor-resistant protocol can operate upon an unchanged technical parameter which set the network into a decentralized environment. So the major goal is always censor-resistant, as people will have interest into an asset based upon the protocol of censor-resistant and decentralization help this protocol be become censor-resistant. So the real goal of crypto asset is censor-resistant and decentralization helps this to achieve this goal.