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What benefits will users get if musing.io creates their own token?


The benefits are huge as it becomes it's own community on the steemit block chain and it will hold real value.

If Musing launches a token next year in March (hint hint) and we all earn tokens instead of Steem and the community grows to 5 million users on Musing the token will go up in value. You could always exchange for Steem if you wanted to but you would basically have a stake in Musing. I in fact would love it if they started something sooner where we get points so we have a head start over new users coming next year when it all kicks off.

could you imagine if for every $1 you earned on musing they handed out a token so you could start growing your Musing stake in the meantime. Actifit and Steem hunt are already giving out points so you will be able to convert to tokens when they launch.

I read an article the other day that if Musing targeted the Quora community there are 14 million members there. If we had the chance to earn tokens with our rewards now because we are the early adopters it would benefit everyone no end. We all would be holding something of value connected to Musing.


Well some good things will occur as we speak.

While as it will be a platform focusing on its own growth, we will see more new people entering in Steem Blockchain. So we will see a mass adoption as well.

Well if new people enters from there we might be able to  get new investors as well. Thus the Steem will get benefited in ways or another.

You will get to be a part of Musing just like we are now in Steemit. 

As it is Steem Blockchain any token that is made by the applications can be used to convert them into Steem. So if you earn Musing token (or other things that they want to name it) you will be able to convert them to Steem.

So basically it will be great if they introduce their own Token. Win-Win for all.