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How can money change life...?

When one is in need and not having financial support to solve situation at hand such person will not find life interesting to live in.

But when such person is capable of solving situations or problem that comes his or her way due to the aspect of been financially stable such person would find life interesting to live in.

In situations like this the needy will always agree that money can change lives and also make you somebody in the society and can always make you have a say among people.

With such ideas can develop respect and can also make your presence felt among people.


It changes life for good or for bad.

It will depends on how we use money and how much do you have. Great amount of money when use properly can change your life for the better. Like not worrying for the bills, eating foods you like and living in a comfortable home. While if it is used incorrectly, like wasting it or using it for bad vices, it could ruin your life and even the lives of others.

Money can give us power, happiness, sadness, reveal our weaknesses, show our strengths and a lot of other things.