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Anyone here have any experience with the usage of “apetamin”?
Apetamin like a food supplement drugs that works for weight gain,have you used it before,?what was the experience like,did it work for you
Yeah, I have some times back. The Apetamin is a syrup which contains a special and proper combination of Cyproheptadine together with Lysine and then the Vitamins. The two major components used in limiting amino acid which are also essential are Cyproheptadine and lysine and this helps to greatly promote your appetite.
Now apart from the fact that it helps in the collagen tissue synthesizing, the lysine can also helps to boost one's immune system during his/her period of infancy, childhood and also in the adolescence stage. Now, in the Apetamin, there are vitamins which dissolve in water called coenzymes and their work in the body system is to absorb through the intestinal villi, the lysine.
Apetamin is supplement for anorexics and is designed to counter many allergies along with many health benefits. It is fast way for children, men and women to gain weight. With Cyproheptadine as active ingredient, it works br blocking the action of histamine(and stimulates the appetite).
But it can also have many side effects and symptoms like mild drowsiness, dizziness, insomnia, numbness and blurred vision. So it is better not to take it without physician's advice.
Hope you find this useful...
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