WHAT remedies are there for armpit odour other than surgery ?
Putting on perfume all the time and?

Putting on actual deodorant or baking soda. It would also help if they took a bath before application. 


This has been my recent discovery, using Lemon/lime juice to rid off armpit odour.

Since i started living an active lifestyle, i noticed i tend to sweat easily evwn with just bit of high temperature. I am a sensitive person so this has been very uncomfortable for me, even if i shave.

One day as i was slicing lemons, i remembered vaguely of an article i had read on benefits of lemon and one of it being it eliminates mouth odour. Relating to this, i told my self if it can do that to the mouth then it sure can help with the armpits so i gave it a try , rubbed and squeezed some lime. On my armpits and the results were amazing. Such an inexpensive and safe way to get rif of armpit odour.

Bonus benefit for the lemon will be to whiten ur underarms. Most of us have darker underarms compared to the rest of the body, therefore using lime will be killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Ofcourse the above suggestion will be effective if you get rid of what enhances the odour in the first place. Regular grooming of the arm pits and thorough cleaning up will help in odor elimination.

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For natural remedies (and short term), stainless steel soap bar works. Just like how it removes odor from your hands when you work in the kitchen, it can also be rubbed on the armpits.

For deodorant, magnesium works wonders. We use it after taking a shower on days when everyone sweats like a pig. Brands like Nasanta or Schmidt are effective. You can also just use magnesium oil and spray it on your pits.

Of course, these 2 remedies should go along with good hygiene.

Stinky pits suck and hope these 2 work for you too. Both are great ways to combat the odor.


This is the first time that I have heard that armpit ordour can be removed using surgery. I guess, the best way is to just shave off all those armpit hair as bacteria can hide inside and then just bath alot more often and wash the armpits. It reminds me of a friend who has this really strong armpit smell. He is the boss also of the office as his uncles owns the company. 

So anyways, whenever he walks into the office, we all smell it and it is as pungent as hell. We all could not take it. I used to have armpit smell when i was younger and well, i just improved my hygiene levels and now I think my armpit smells like a bed of roses. If you dare to sniff it. hehehe.. 

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