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How can we stop being regretful concerning our pasts?

This is something that most of us go through in our life and we do really become tensed in those particular situations.

While the first thing that can be kept in mind that it is the PAST. That we can not change, it has already happened. We need to look beyond that.

We all do mistakes in our life some that we can not get out of or some that is irreplaceable. But as it is done than nothing is there to change that situation. But if you destroy yourself in over that situation than nothing good comes out from that situation. You need to go easy on your life and find out the solution for that particular situation.

If it is a mistake that is done in the past than the thing that can be done is you can learn from that particular mistake and avoid doing it again.

Our life is not finish by doing a mistake because there is much more to it. Almost every person have their own regret but yet they are ongoing with their life trying to make it better not only for him/her but for the sake of the person that he/she loves, the family and all those who loves to be with that person.

Yes life is hard we will be in situations those will be painful but getting over those situations is the real meaning of life.  


I've often heard people say if only I could turn back the hand of time, I should never have made that mistake. I would right my wrongs. I should have done this instead of that. I've been there too. Mistakes are part of human experiences. We all have been there at one point in time or the other. The past is yesterday. Yesterday's date was 16th October, 2018. It can never come back again. it's gone for good. What is left are the achievements I had yesterday. Continuous regrets is like flogging a dead horse. No matter how much we try to make the horse feel pain, we are only expending energies on a futile exercise. There are however certain things you can do to stop regrets.

1. Accept that you can't change the past. The past is yesterday and it is gone. People make mistakes. Making mistakes just shows that you are human and humans are imperfect. Mistakes are in fact good because it gives you an opportunity for you to learn. So now basically you know what you can do better if the same situation for which you regret come to play another time. Instead of focussing on what you did wrong, you can channel your energy positively into what you can do right today.

2. Forgive the past. If you don't forgive the past of the evil it did to you or you did to someone else, you would continually trade your peace. It's not worth it. Forgive the past but don't forget what it taught you. Use the lessons learnt in making decisions today that would affect your tomorrow.

3. Reconcile with the past. Yes you can. It's possible that you said the wrong things to a person for which you regret or did the wrong things for which you are sorry. When I say reconcile with the past, I mean reconcile with the people you offended or those who offended you. when you ask people's forgiveness for an offense committed, it isn't going to change the offense or erase it. It just proves that you are mature enough to acknowledge your faults and you are willing to make amends. It would restore broken relationships and give you peace of mind. So, get it done with and move on .

4. Move on. Yes move away from yesterday and focus on today. No matter how much we regret our past errors and mistakes, it will not turn them right. So move on. If you don't leave the past and focus on today, you would live tomorrow wishing you left yesterday. Regrets of yesterday are enemies of today's happiness. Don't lose what you would have done right today by regretting what you did or couldn't do yesterday.

Make today a memorable history by choosing to move on, choosing to forgive yourself and others, choosing to accept your faults, and put to work the lessons it taught you.


By accepting that is the past, that it is behind you, and nothing can be changed to it anymore. 

Accept that you can only learn from your past, but that is says nothing about what or who you are right now. And that is all that counts, now.


What happened in the past is sunk cost, a cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered. 

Because it cannot be recovered, no matter how bad it was, it just cannot. 

Accepting this and thinking more about what we can do in the future will save us a lot of concerning.

Of course, better said than done.