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What makes a relationship last long?

Here are ways I would suggest to make a relationship last long:

  • Never keep secrets, unless it's for a surprise.
  • Make your partner feel special even if there is no special occasion.
  • Give your partner a little bit of space for him/her to spend time alone when he/she needs to.
  • Say "sorry" when you are wrong and admit when you are at fault.
  • When you have disagreements, try to talk it down instead of discussing it through text.
  • Communicate, always.
  • Show physical affection.
  • Always recognize his/her efforts when he/she shows you how much your partner loves you.
  • Do not forget special dates!
  • Do something new together, keep the excitement alive.
  • Love, care, and trust each other.

Those mentioned above are some ways to make the relationship last long. Relationships are difficult and you really need to exert effort but if you are with the right person, everything will surely work out fine. Good luck!


There are so many things that help to make the relationship last long . I would say that love plays an important role in last long relationships. Because if there is no love, then where does the relationship come from? If there is no love, then the relationship will never be good. This love can win everything in the world. Love can give people a lot of things. There is no end to love. All eternity of love is immortal. There are many things like love that help to make the relationship last long.

I am discussing below to help raise the relationship


IMAGE SOURCE: https://thedatingdoc.com/love-quotes/

I can stress that love helps to make relations last long. Because love can conquer any difficult task of the world with love. So I would say that love plays an important role in making relationships a last long.


IMAGE SOURCE: http://freeinfoworld.com/importance-of-honesty-in-life/

Integrity plays an important role to lead the relationship to last long . If honesty is not there, then their relationship is never good. There are just misunderstandings. So I would say honesty plays an important role, to keep the relationship to the end.


IMAGE SOURCE: http://phillipsandco.com/blog/behavior-is-going-to-matter/

Behavior plays a very important role. If the behavior is not good, then it is not possible to maintain that relationship. Neither can he be able to build relationships with anyone, even if he is bad in dealing with them. So I will say that there is a need for good behavior to maintain relations.


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Faith plays an important role in maintaining relationships. If there is no faith in anyone, then that relationship can not be sustained for a long time. If there is no faith then there is just misunderstanding about it. And that relationship broke down very easily. So I would say that faith plays an important role in maintaining relationships.


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We all know that forgiveness is a great quality. Apology plays an important role in maintaining relationships. We are all people And we also know that people are just wrong. We are not a machine that we will not make any mistake. The mistake could be by us. The only reason we humans are. If mistakes are not seen in the eyes of forgiveness, then relations will be broken easily. So I will say that forgiveness plays an important role in maintaining relationships.


Try not to play games. You had a youth which is as it should be. 

Control your desire regardless of whether you're frantically infatuated with your accomplice and need them all to yourself. On the off chance that you don't control your feelings, you'll make consistent issues that will make them abandon you. You don't need that presently isn't that right? 

Value the little things notwithstanding when you don't feel like it. One day you'll glance back at them and acknowledge they were the enormous things. 

Try not to underestimate your accomplice regardless of whether you're going through not really 'lovey-dovey' stages. 

Concur on your sexual needs. I'm not saying have intercourse. You can have 0 sex and be glad together insofar as you're both alright with it. 

Ace the equalization of intensity. Both of you ought to have level with control of the relationship. The minute one of you turns out to be all the more controlling, you'll exploit and misuse one another.