In your opinion, do you consider white lies as bad? Or good?

I'd say it definitely depends on the situation... I'd hate to classify all of anything as 'good' or 'bad'.

People tell white lies for a variety of reasons;

- They don't want to hurt someone's feelings

- They don't want to have a whole conversation about it right now

- They just want to give a quick answer

- They want the other person to feel good

We probably tell white lies all the time.  People ask me several times a day "How are you going?" but it's really just a greeting... they're not expecting an in-depth detailed story about my day so far.... and so I might tell a white lie as I respond "Good, and you?".  I'm not always good... I might be stressed or frustrated, but that exchange is just a greeting.  I'd never get anything done if I was strictly honest with every single person I come in contact with.

Some people lie to hide something... and I'd argue these probably aren't white lies but actual proper lies.  These are the ones that if I was to classify something as 'bad' it would be these.  These are the lies where the person isn't being entirely truthful at a time when the other person is expecting them to be truthful.

If someone asks you how their outfit looks... and you say 'good' without really looking up... most people would see that as a white lie.. but the person is asking for an honest opinion and it may change their entire day if they go out in public wearing an outfit that doesn't quite work..... but by the same token, they're probably not expecting an in-depth discussion about each item of clothing either.

All in all, I think society needs white lies... we'd just have to have way too many unnecessary conversations without them.... or people would quickly learn to stop asking questions they don't actually want the answers to.


I think a whit lie is way better than a lie. There is a big difference and it depends why you have to tell a white lie. 

When someone lies they are hiding the truth on purpose and it could be for many reasons. These reasons are never good and I can't justify that sort of behavior.

A white lie  is normally something that is told to protect someone from harm or a surprise. you are doing it for their own good without them knowing about it.

Someone could be ill and may keep back information to protect loved ones. I heard that just last week and understand the reasons behind the white lie. It is not great but in this case the one they are protecting is better not knowing for now.

I have told a few white lies to cover up surprises and to me that is justified. It just makes the surprise more special.

Society doesn't have enough white lies and there are too many lies and cover ups. No one knows what is true anymore and an honest person is rare to find.


No such thing as good or bad lies. There are only lies that either benefit you or not. It's really a question on who benefits from the lie that can either make it beneficial or not. 


The white lie is considered socially acceptable under the pretext that "we do not want to harm others". However, our social relations seem to us, in general, superficial. That parents feed their children with porridge of white lies is not only acceptable, but also affectionate and beneficial. Even couple who have always had the courage to be frank with each other have a hard time being with their children ... The result is not a protection, but a deficiency ... removes every model of openness and honesty, they are given instead models of semi-honesty, partial openness and limited courage. "