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Do you often hear people telling 'I have seen you somewhere' or 'you look familiar' even though you are seeing them for the first time? What could be the reason for that? Or is it just for starting a conversation? Or is it because you have very common facial features?

For some it is just a means of engage you in a conversation, especially when it is the opposite sex.. It is a cool way to actually getting a girl talking if she is the mood and into you.

On the other hand, it is very possible your look-a-like or doppelganger exist and the person is sincerely telling the truth. It has happened to me, that is people telling me, I am a prototype of someone else but I always tell them that the other guy is the prototype of me.

Also, I have seen a girlfriend who wasn't the person I thought she was.... I gave have hug and she pushed me away telling me she knows me not. It was an embarrassing moment. I apologized and moved on. Since then, I always wait for eye to eye confirmation before taking any action.