What do you feel when people start discussing about their New Year resolutions?

@Silenteyes, I always think that New Year Resolution is not needed because in my opinion life is dynamic and we should also become dynamic and let see what life brings into our life and then let's adapt to the situation and expand. Stay blessed. 🙂


We didn't talked about new year resolutions this year. I don't even remember when we spoken about new year resolutions last time. But if someone would start a discussion about new year resolutions, my feelings about it would have depend on the person, who speaks.

If I don't know the person, my feelings about it would be probably neutral, because I don't know whether they will keep their words or not.

New Year resolutions can be good, as long as the resolutions are positive and constructive, and the person, who says them will surely able to keep their resolutions. If not, then it is completely/entirely pointless/meaningless.


I always roll my eyes and laugh. Everyone makes these "new year , new me" promises and they go to the gym for a week or 2 then they go right back to what they were doing before. A new year really means nothing and most resolutions are broken quickly. 

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“I give it two weeks max...” 😂😈


I feel inspired to work on my own New Years resolutions. I try to improve myself and my situation year round, though I have my ups and downs. But the new year is a great time to reprioritize and focus on the goals that are most important to me.


Of course I will feel happy, and also start thinking about what the idea of a New Year's resolution in 2019 will be more beneficial to many people?

As we know that 2019 new year is just a matter of hours. Well, you should think about what the 2019 New Year's resolution is so that life is more beneficial for many people to do.

Usually the new year is always accompanied by new expectations, of course that hope is a better hope than the previous year (2018).

Hopefully this new year's resolution is often made as a plan to be done next year. Hope or resolution can be made not only useful for you, but also for many people. Because the best people are the most useful for others.

In my opinion there are some new year resolutions that we need to do, including:

1. Donate

If we have excess wealth, we should give part of what we have voluntarily to other people or educational institutions because it is very beneficial for others who need it.

You can do donations in various ways, from donations in the form of money to in the form of items needed.

Not only providing benefits for others, donating will also provide benefits for those of you who give donations.

Donating will not make your assets run out, even donating will make your fortune flow more.

Donating will not make our assets run out, even donating will make our fortune flow more.

2. Routinly blood donation

If you have never done a blood donor before. Then start blood donation regularly in 2019 because by making a blood donor, you will be able to save someone's life.

Someone who is in an emergency or has a related disease will certainly need your blood help.

Besides being beneficial for others, blood donation will also provide very good health benefits for us as donors.

I think the two things above are very suitable to be made into the new year's resolution of 2019.



I find that I know most people talking about them won't keep them. It's just become a thing to make such resolutions, and they lose meaning after a time. I stopped making them a long time ago and around the same time stopped expecting people would keep theirs too.


When people discuss with me and make new year resolutions. I look at them, feel and hope they keep to their promises.

This is really an interesting question.