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What was the most funny/weird excuses you have ever heard?

When I was in high school, I used to make up stupid/funny excuses all the time. Because having a morning coffee was always more important than actually being in class.

On one ocasion, I was alreaey late for school and would bearly make it in time. I got a call from a friend who wanted to have a cup of coffee with me. I got coffee with her and missed my first class in the morning. Just as I was walking into school, I ran into my professor and she was really pissed about my absence.

She confronted me and asked me why was I late. I didn't have a prepared answer and I already used all the good excuses in the past so I told her a bird shat on me when I was walking to school so I had to go back home to change and wash my hair. She rolled her eyes as she was awear of my stupid lies. :)


Thinking of of it still makes me laugh.

This excuse was given by a student and we all know that students are the best in giving excuses. I don't know what happened to this guy in particular, perhaps he was out of excuses.

It was an impromptu test this lecture set for us. Although we didn't really have anything to do that week so most of us decided to travel back home. After three days spent at home, I received a phone call from my colleagues that a particular lecture said we should all be present in his class. Some heeded to the call why some didn't. On getting to the lecture hall that day we saw that the class was kind-of empty, so in annoyance the lecture gave us a semi test and said it takes 30 marks.

When others heard of this, they immediately rushed back to school. During the next lecture, all those absent were asked to stand and give their various reasons why they were absent. Although I wasn't really paying attention but I was with them until I heard something that caught my ears. When it reached this guy's turn instead of him to have kept quit, he said this "sir I wasn't around because my grandmother just put to birth " asin the whole class burst into laughter on hearing this.

My grandmother just gave birth. That's the worst I have heard