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Games of Thrones final season who will survive ?
Winter has come and we know that the John Snow with his new alliance the Dragon queen is out to prevent the white walkers from moving south. In this epic finale, who do you think will survive ? Who will die ?

Varys (Conleth Hill) and Melisandre (Carice Van Houten) appear to be set apart for death on "Session of Thrones."

Fans are as yet going to sit tight a short time for the exceedingly foreseen end of "Session of Thrones," however that doesn't mean it's completely eccentric about who will live to see the show complete its story.

The two wars confronting the majority of the characters still alive on the show will be ruthless. With the dead now past The Wall and prepared to assume control, things absolutely appear to be horrid for everybody, except regardless of whether that war is won, the issue will at present should be chosen of who will sit on the Iron Throne. That fight could end up being much more crimson in light of the fact that the general population competing for that desired seat wouldn't go down without a battle.

In any case, a few characters should make it our alive at last. Here are our most current projections about which characters will make it to the end—and which ones won't.

Most noteworthy ODDS OF SURVIVAL:

Sansa Stark:

Sansa (Sophie Turner) once appeared to be a character who was pegged for death, however everything she's experienced throughout the years has made her more grounded and more fit than any other time in recent memory of being a solid ruler. She won't just survive what occurs, yet she will be there to see whatever the New World holds—and she'll do it from a place of intensity.


The final episode of Game of thrones will be full of drama, I think the last episode ended when the white walkers invaded the wall and without Jon snow there, the whitened dead dragon is seen killing everyone inside wall.

If you ask me, I think the next season will see a lot of drama I personally believe that Cersi Lannistar is going to die, her unwillingness to fight alongside Jon snow and Danerys Tageryan to to save the seven kingdoms will bring about her demise, I think her brother/lover who is a much more wiser man will stay alive Cersi will definitely lose the seven kingdoms and kings Landing as well after the white walkers invade there as well.

I also think Sansa stark may concede winterfell to her much wiser sister Arya start who has been trained, she's now wise, and her ordeal with the faceless gods has made her acquire the power of killing and taking faces. I think Danaeyrs Taygerian will will either get married to Jon Snow who is the true heir to the seven kingdoms and her relative too or she may die in the war with the night king.

Tyrion Lannistar will survive; the only smart and amazing character I think his dwarfism will make him survive as well as the fact that he's witty and cunning as well if you ask me, the truth is he may end up marrying Sansa stark again and they may rule the north while Arya have Winterfell or she could die, her survival depends on the success of the war, I think if the war isn't successful then she may die.

Lady Brian of tart will survive and she's a brilliant and faithful soldier I think she will find love this time I don't know with who