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If you have all the money in the world, what is the one thing that you would do?

If you had ALL the money in the world, the currency would be both useless and worthless. Since nobody owned the currency but you, it would have no value for the purpose of trading goods/services.

Suddenly the means by which to pay employees or buy food would abruptly vanish. World economies would probably collapse.

Your dreams of sipping fruity drinks on the beach would be snuffed out by the apocalyptic  devastation that you caused with this seemingly innocent wish.

You could try to distribute the wealth BACK to the rest of the world, but by then it's too late. The damage has been done. No water. No electricity. Raiders are looting and pillaging.

If it's paper money that you have, your best bet is to burn it for heat and to destroy any evidence that you are the reason for the end of days.

If it were me, I'd try to find a clean water source and a hidden but defensible position from which I can store supplies.


I will NOT "work for money". 

Since I will be free to do whatever I want and go wherever I can, I will list out what all things are important to me and what are some experiences I value the most. And then, I will set out to do them one-by-one. I will also do the following:

- Travel significantly; to new places more than old places.

- Engage in charitable causes where I can see real help with influx of money.

- Build infrastructures that will last for decades.

- Advance the research programs in science, healthcare and technology.

- Eliminate the man-made causes of poverty.  

I will not stress and sleep as much as I can everyday since money is no longer a problem ;-)


I would give it away and I would only keep enough money to enjoy a good life, I am sure that I would have a lot left over and I would relax it starting with the most needy as children of Africa to reach the least needy, I think this would give me more satisfaction than all the money in the world.


I think the money would be worthless

No offense but if I have all the money in the world I think other people would treat me as an idiot, they wouldn't even realize the money's value as they don't own one.

I am certain that the world will run through trading of goods and not using money.

I also think that they would prefer use gold to purchase some goods and services as they will not consider this piece of paper as something that holds a certain value for trading or buying of goods and services.


If i have all the money in the world i will ensure that i use my money to make every poor people become rich,,i will make sure that i help every less previlege people in the

society,,i will ensure that i build very good infrastructures all over the world and make the world become better,,i will give alot of scholarships to people,,i will donate alot

of money for different projects,,i will ensure to try my best to make sure that poverty is majorly eliminated or

totally reduced in the society...i will personally do alot of travelling and also live a luxurious life,,i will buy the best

houses,cars,jets,gadgets,i will buy the best things in the world...i will make sure that i travel to the best places in the world and go to the best restaurants and hotels and

beaches and anything i can think of...i would make sure that i spend more quality time with all my friends and my family...

i will live a very wonderful life...how i wish i can gain such wealth so that all this dreams will come true.....