Do you like your name? Does your name has any meaning?
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Not really. My parents could have put in more effort.
Yes, I like my name. Matthew Ryan Hunter
Matthew which means "Gift From God"
Ryan which means little king, descendant of the king, or illustrious
Hunter which means a hunter, bird catcher, or one who seeks.
Yes, I love my name. My parents named me Margaret which means pearl. They think I'm a gem! Many of my friends call me Maggie.
My name is Jeffrey, I like it because in short it is Jeff and for me they are both a bit cool in my opinion in my foreign language (dutch)
I think every name has a meaning and its own story behind it. The love of our loved ones is connected with our name.
My name is Anuj and its meaning is Younger Brother. I think you also loved it...... :)
Yes, My name is Ram, Hindu Lord Ram. (Great Men)