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What is busy.pay?
I ear people talk about busy.pay, but there is hardly any info to be found... Can anyone tell me more about it?

@busy.pay is one of Busy.org's upvote bots (along with @busy.org) which will give an upvote to a users blog post provided that he use both the Busy.org platform and the "busy" tag.

Based on Busy's code to get an upvote from the @busy.pay bot, one must have at least 1 Billion followers_mvest. If one has less than that then the vote will be coming from the smaller account @busy.org.

I actually have written a blog post about this from months ago and one that have been verified by the people behind Busy. So check this out:



It was from months ago, so it' s a little outdated. But the only thing that was changed was the Busy.pay's upvote is no longer calculated as:

followers_mvest/1Billion = upvote worth

But now as (followers_mvest/2)÷1Billion

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It’s the account the @busy.org interface uses to reward its users who posted through the busy app and used the busy tag.

Busy has a “loyalty bot” of sorts and the main goal is to attract “influencers” and reward those. That means that the more followers you have with high SP (including what they may have delegated to other steemians/platforms), the higher your upvote from busy.pay will be.

But you only benefit that when posting through the busy.org site. And you need to use busy as one of your five tags - order doesn’t matter, doesn’t need to be the first tag.


Busy.pay is an account owned by @busy. It upvotes people who make a post on busy who have over a certain number of mvests following them and they use the tag busy as one of their tags while making a post.


Thank you for your question.

@busy.pay gives upvote on influential people on Steemit. This is a busy.org's voting bot. To get upvote from @busy.pay, there are some requirements. You have to make your post from busy.org and use the tag busy. Well, anyone can do that. It's not all to get upvote from @busy.pay.

You have to have 10,000,000,000 or, 10 billion follower_mvest. It is not guarantee that you will get upvote from busy.pay every time you make a post. But you can hope you will get upvote from busy.pay bot if you fulfill the requirement.

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