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What are actually your favourite discord channels on steemit?

I'm only part of two, but they are both fantastic!

First would be @steemitbloggers which, if you haven't heard of them, is a semi-exclusive community. They do have activity requirements, but it's for the benefit of all as the more the members help one another the more everyone benefits from this. I've only been part of them for a few months but my reputation has gone up a full 4 points, I'm getting more payouts per post, and I'm interacting with a community that's active and interesting and getting exposed to posts I otherwise wouldn't know about! They're worth a follow even if you don't join up just for the great content, and every now and again they decide to open doors again for potential members to apply to join :)

Second would be @steemittarot which is a community of tarot readers on the steem blockchain. It's a little dead at the moment, but they welcome both readers and those just interested in general. They also host Tarot Tuesday, a thing where readers put up free weekly readings as posts for anyone interested and it's pretty neat ^^


Great question - there are so many great discord channels. It depends what you are after? I generally join the discord channel of any new project I come across that I feel I might want to ask any questions about.

One that I recently joined is @actifit - a great way to earn some extra crypto just by being active and uploading using their app. The Discord is great with lots of helpful people and great discussion. They have alot of exciting developments in the works so always something to talk about. HEres the join link:


If your looing for something that is just everyday chatter (Steem and non Steem related!), then the most popular Discord is probably Steemspeak - it has over 5k members, so there usually someone to talk to. Often I go there just to meet other Steemians or also if I have questions. There is also a vocie chat, which I havent joined but seems pretty popular!

Heres the join link:


Probably the biggest, most popular and one of the first Discord channels is The Minnow Support Project PAL (Peace, Abundance and Liberty) - it was the first channel I joined, and it now has over 20k members! Again it is more of a general Discord server with all sorts of chat going on and very helpful people around. They also have an 'upvote service' where you can get a free upvote every 30 hours - a great help to new Steemians!

Heres the link to join:


There are many other Discord servers as I mentioned, and often they are specific for a certain project, such as @steemmonsters, @curie, @dlike, @musing and many more... to join any Discord, you can generally check out their blog for the join link or Google 'xyz Discord'

Hope this helps!


 Discord My favorite Steemit channel is @steemhunt (formerly). There, I can meet various people from various countries (Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Nigeria, Columbia, etc.). We interact well, discussing what is the coolest hunting, and discuss various personal issues (previously allowed).

Almost everyone there is very friendly, except for a few people I don't understand what he wants to say.

Please try joining @steemhunt discord channel through the following link:


Make sure you ping me @calprut whenever you want.