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Why do many people look down on college dropouts?

Just another case of the society exhibiting just how screwed up and narrow-minded it is. When we get down to it I think the first season is he stopped at times society can choose to be reallh conservative in its reasoning and by the virtue of the majority not wanting to let go of a trend or a line of reasoning, find ourselves getting more and more engrossed in an outdated concept or mode of life.

There used to be a time, probably at the time of time of the major revolutions in human history, the industrial revolutions etc, when new modes of thinking and ideologies, new modes of life entirely, had just been discovered, when schools and universities and colleges are the only place these peculiar kinds of knowledge can be obtained.

In these times it is highly understandable that probably the only means or the surest means to success is to go to college and obtain expertise in one of these fields. At these times it is understandable that parents should feel extremely proud of their children for having gone and obtain these knowledge, because with that comes an easier life and a more prestigious station where your social status is elevated.

But as time went on the knowledge became less esoteric, and more dispersed, just like any knowledge in human history, as time goes on more people begin to master it, it becomesmore diffused and easier to pass down from generation to generation.

And then men begin to realize that the most important thing is not even to go to the college officially, but to attain these knowledge. Anyway subsequently a lot of great men began to get things done without having to get a degree. A lot of great investors made their inventions and innovations without a college degree, most of them are dropouts, Steve Jobs built apple while receiving college tuition without being a student. Recently we've even had a Nobel Laureate in physics who had no college degree.

And in our peculiar age--the age of the Internet, where knowledge is so diffused and valuable information are readily available everywhere, the need of a college degree becomes even less.

But for the collective reasoning and archaic nature of society; the conservatism I spoke about, is what pushes people to still be scornful of people without a college degree, even though it has been proven time and time again that the degree is nothing more than a mere paper.

Hell in some countries, like my own, they're even mostly useless. What people are interested in now is whats in your head, not what paper you hold. Which is why you see a lot of graduates going around with their degree, still jobless.

Of course no one is saying that going to college is a bad thing. You can learn from people who have been established in the field and make friends and gain some life experiences that are valuable in the long run. But it is nowhere near accurate to assume that just without a college degree you are doomed for mediocrity in life.

I had a friend who dropped out of college in fact. We were all in the same class and everybody thought he was crazy of course. Just out of the blue he realized what we were doing was not for him and he made the decision to drop out. Now he is the most successful among us all. If he had been afraid of society's scorn and hadn't made that decision, he might not be where he is today.

At any rate we shouldn't let the fear of people's ridicule stop us from making an important decision we really believe in our hearts is the right one. Society can go in the wrong at times, due to archaic collective reasoning. Cheers


Because the society has made many  people to believe that education is the only way to succeed...


College dropouts are seen as miscreants and irresponsible people. People have this notion that for you to be a drop out means you never took education very seriously and so can't or won't take any business seriously. They believe you've not got the potential and necessary training you need to excel in life and so to them you are just a nobody. This is why people strive to finish college so they can have self esteem in the society and talk among their age mates without being shut up.

Although not every dropout is irresponsible, some dropouts are a result of financial constraints and such people once the opportunity presents itself always strive to go back to college


Well Bill Gates and Mark Zucherberg we’re drop outs . I don’t see anyone’s looking down on them but I get your point. Some people find it a sign of weakness and that they give up too easy but it just might not be the right course for them. Who even knows at that young age what they want to do in life! I reckon you should go and work for minimum wage as a waiter or waitress for a couple of years. The drop out rate would soon improve..


Because we firmly believe that education is the ticket to success and the way education is levels up your understanding. It broadens your mind and provides you knowledge and information to seek for opportunities using your imagination.

College dropouts are a different matter. We have special abilities and talents in mind and that doesn't mean they're not great. Everyone is great but there are determining factors affecting why they choose not to be serious in college.

- Financial instability for example. A student cannot focus on his studies because of financial issues. He needs to work and do some part time to be able to solve his financial woes. Thus, affecting his school performance.

- Another is conflict of interest. Overloaded with papers and technical stuff were all irrelevant. For example, all he wants is music. Learning music and learning the perfect blending of hymns. But his parents decide for him to take Engineering. Imagine how conflicting interest it is.

People tend to look education that they feel they've leveled up in the society, which is totally not. Education (especially in college) trains you the ability to think and provides you information to learn and apply it in real life.


They look down on college dropouts because they believe that college dropouts are not so intelligent enough to further their education..:


This is because alot of individuals are told that top faculty and education are the sole things which will cause you to able to notice an honest paying job, and so throwing in the towel means that you may inevitably be a failure.

The funny factor is that several of these individuals tend to be blue collar staff with mediocre careers.

Let ME tell you a story, after I was still a student at university, I had a locality time job in a very aliment eating house.

2 of my coworkers were doing this as their solely supply of financial gain, one had a Master’s degree in Chemistry and couldn’t notice employment in his field as a result of there was too many folks and too few places.

the opposite one had a Doctor of Philosophy in Biology and couldn’t notice employment as a result of she was forever told that she was overqualified, which thanks to the earnings grid, hiring her would be too high-ticket anyway.

I graduated, I found a “good” job, truly I’m operating my ass off everyday doing average cash in order that somebody else will get heaps quite ME.

And this guy never visited any university. On the opposite hand, I’m learning photography as a business from a tremendous mentor UN agency could be a highschool dropout, was looked down upon similar to you, told she would ne'ver do something together with her life as a result of she had no education and poor address. currently she is one in all the foremost awarded photographers within the world,

have lived and worked in three countries, travel round the world year spherical doing workshops with a tremendous team, and build heaps extra money than heaps of individuals might even imagine attainable. You see, heaps of individuals confuse throwing in the towel with quitting.

Except it’s not forever the case, perhaps you have already got higher plans for your future, perhaps you don’t need to be a fan your whole life and need to make your keep with passion, certainty and conviction. I hope you’re one in all those skills and you recognize wherever you’re going together with your life, and that i hope you show all of these naysayers wrong.