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Does content on Musing need to be written in English?
I wonder if we can post questions and give answers using different language than English or that is a must.

Currently I have not seen any other languages here. Can we implement more in the future?

This might be a very hard thing to do at this moment. But I am sure once we have hit mainstream adoption, this could be a good idea

Currently some of the people I see struggling to write content on Musing.io  are from Africa or India. Which could be as few as two languages.

But English is also my second language and as much as I love my beautiful mixed language of European and African decent called Afrikaans. It saddens me that it will have no function, because English has reached mass adoption.

And any other language does honestly not stand a chance in the future.

We better start mastering our English if we want to keep up. Because before long, much more qualified first language speakers will come flooding to Musing.io, probably in the next bull run a few months away.

So I hope we can accommodate more languages in the future or It will only start getting tougher to earn on Musing.io

I am however not all negative, because we want more people to come to the platform to see its great content and the more first language writers we have the better it would be.


Not necessarily.

I actually wondered about this when I first joined musing, but overtime I notice some questions and answers were written in a different language ~ I never see a negative feedback on it.

However, it doesn't mean that it's being encouraged by the majority since most of the users of musing.io are using the English language.


As uncomfortable as this may seem to be said by me. I strongly suggest that the contents of @musing be written in the English language.

Why should this be done?

Most users of the steem blockchain should understand that this is not a scam of some sort. But a way to make sure that a large number of the populace are engaged jn the platform.

English us a universal language that anyone that loke to work anywhere around the world has to have a good knowledge of.

But tuen, thinking of it, I have perused aome website that have options that convert the languages to be displayed into their own prescribed languages. If the @musing and steem team @ned be kind enough to integrate the change of language in the platform, I believe more and more people would engage in it. It would create a form of simplicity for people of different languages. Let's say a person uploads or wants to read a post of his choice, he can read it in his mother language. And when any other person wants to read or write, he can do so in his own choice language. But English is the UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE


Yes because 80% of the world understand English, so I believe if it contents are written in English, there is possibility everyone here will understand what is being written. Though majority could understand but few may not be able to express themselves in such English, then provision can be made where user can select his best understood language just like the options giving on Facebook , this with the help of Google translator.

English is earlier reached in term of getting the largest user with clear knowledge of it. So contents if written in English can be more productive than in other languages except a translator is provided by the musing curators and this is only possible if some of the musing curators understand other languages better like french.


I am sure there is no need to as such but it might be better to use English because you reach a wider audience as most people communicate in English. If every user would strictly use his or her native language musing would come to a grinding halt because there are not that many users in the first place...