How to have a girlfriend if I don’t go out of the house too much?
I am not going outside the house too much and I wonder how can I have/get a girlfriend...

Try to sleep as much as possible ... Hopefully, in dreams, you'd have a girlfriend ... Lol.


Firstly, I want you to realize that having a girlfriend has to do with implementation of love. The main reason for a responsible guy to have a girlfriend is mostly due to the effect of love because we guys tend to fall in love with a particular special lady. I also want you to know that love can be found anywhere even without leaving your home.

I am an introverted guy who also happens to be very shy mostly when interacting with the opposite sex. I don't even engage in physical conversation with ladies because I will always flop due to my shyness and low confidence when interacting with the opposite sex. But I am entirely a different person when it comes to chatting online because I do believe I can't see the lady physically and I am able to express myself anyhow I wish or feel. I use to chat with different ladies online such that some ladies will fall in love with me due to my method of chatting online with them and this sometimes makes them want to meet me physically but I always avoid that.

There was a particular day I met a beautiful lady online because I was attracted by her glamorous look which made me fell in love with her at my first glance. I started chatting with her and I was able to know more about her and this developed my love for her. I told her everything about myself including my shy nature, strength and weaknesses just like she did the same. I really know much about her and she also knows much about me and I can tell you we are both in love with each other and I am also making my plans to meet with her physically so that we can integrate the level of our relationship.

The fact is that there are millions of people who got married today with the help of chatting even though some may not be able to go outside. You can have a girlfriend if you go online and do the necessary thing required of you. I also suggest that you shouldn't be hasty to have a girlfriend just because others are having. Just take your time and fall in love with the lady whom will never disappoint you.

Another method is to tell your parents or friends about it and this will enable them to invite the lady to your house without you leaving you your house.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


You can luckily find a girlfriend from the social media platform. She might turn out to be your kind of girl.