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What's a common bad habit that you've successfully avoided in life?
We all have common bad habits and some of us we've successfully avoided them in our lives through different tricks...

Thank you very much for asking this question.

I will say the most important bad habit I have successfully avoided in my life is lieing.

I actually suffer from this bad habit a lot back then and it has begin to destroyed my reputation and integrity, so with the help of God, with the help of counsel and with the help of advice from several people both old or young. I was able to avoid this bad habit of lieing in my life which I am now very grateful for because now i am able to get my reputation and integrity which is about to be destroy back..



Awesome question you have here. The bad habit I have successfully stopped. I did stop it a long time ago say 15 years ago uring my secondary school days was biting my fingernails. It is a very bad habit but if one does not stop it early, it could turn out to be kind of difficult to stop.

Most times we bite our fingernails when we are thinking of something or we bite it if it has become a habit.

It is not a good thing seeing an adult who bites his fingernails when he is the one that is supposed to tell the young lads not to do so.

So it is a habit that if you don't stop on time, you might find out that you might even get married and still find yourself biting your fingernails.

I had to stop it since when I was in secondary school because one thing is that when you are biting your nails, you are taking in some germs into your body and secondly, you might do it till it becomes so hard for you to stop.