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How to ask someone to lower his voice?
I have at the workplace a colleague which when he stands for his ideas I feel that he is screaming it loud. The question is how to tell him to lower his voice without affecting his feelings.

The best way to make someone understand this is to being polite and behave as a wise person instead of making it more worse with your-side noises. 

I have been in similar situation and what I do is that I do not speak and let him/her speak till they finished. You can't do much thing here but let him know that his loud voices are making things more noisy and unpleasant for the listeners. 

By the way I use sign languages in certain situation which proves to be more effective and it doesn't interrupt any one. But one thing that you have to consider here is use simple sign or symbols as complex one can interrupt their session and can break their communication.

Or else you can note the things that are interrupting you while communicating with him and then hand him so he can improve it from the next time. I handed various notes and sometime I went to their work place to make them clear on how they can present themselves perfectly.

Some time cracking a simple joke can also help you out like "keep your ideas to this room only" or "we don't have listeners standing outside". There are various way of controlling such situations.  Make sure that your joke don't fire back at you or make the speaker uncomfortable. Keep the environment positive.

That's all!


1. Lower your own voice. When you're dealing with a shouting person, keeping your voice Lowe might seem counter-intuitive but it works. It encourages the other person to calm down in other to listen to what you have to say.

2. Use your words carefully. Don't tell your colleague to lower his voice in a way that makes him look immature (even if he is). You can explain that the shouting is affecting your hearing

3. If it doesn't work, leave the place for a while (if possible). Sometimes, telling someone to lower their voice only makes them increase their volume especially when you keep repeating your request. Know when to stop and walk away.

4. Make a formal report. If this is an occurrence that never stops, you can report to your superiors. Care should be taken less you make unnecessary enemies in your workplace


Firstly, we need to know that there are actually some people whose voice are loud naturally when they speak. It may look very difficult for such people to lower their voice because that's how their voice is meant to be. This implies that some people are actually created that way such that whenever they converse with people, their voice is naturally loud. The funniest part about this is that these categories of people may not know they have loud voice until they are told 😀.

But if we have a different case whereby your colleague always screams whenever he or she shares his or her ideas without having that loud voice naturally which i mentioned earlier, I suggest you respectfully tell such person to lower his or her voice by doing it with wisdom, respect and care. You have to make sure the person screaming doesn't feels embarrassed when you try to tell such person. You can even give such person a signal without talking just to enable him or her lower his or her voice.

You don't have to shy or scared to make complaints respectfully to the performer of the action if his or her actions is really affecting you negatively just like disturbance. We have the right to freedom of expression and you are free to express your mind to anyone whom seems to be disturbing you since it's your life and not theirs but make sure it is done with respect. I suggest that if such thing happens where there is more people, it is recommended you leave the place for them if you can't stand their disturbance.

In conclusion, you can make your colleague lower his or her voice by telling him or her with respect because everyone loves to be respected. Also don't allow anyone use their convenience to disturb your life.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


The workplace for some people is a place where there os competition even when working together with colleagues. Everyone wants to get ahead and be closer to the top or at the top and remain there.

Some people have different ways of trying to reach this goal. It could be during a meeting and they simply want to pitch an idea and make a point with it. The person can go all out and make pictorial representations of their idea which is smart. Others with different other ways too.

Your friends approach to exoressing his idea reminds me of a former colleague from last year. I worked with a shipping company and in their advertising department. This man would always want to say something in meetings and will end up just yelling out his ideas at people.

Well, its a workplace and everyone wants to grow as i said. But i decided to talk to him about it as it bothered me, not just because he is a colleague but because he would always choose to sit right next to me no matter where i sat and then begin to scream out his ideas when it gets to his turn.

I am pretty sure it bothered the bosses and the other colleagues too; i mean it explains why they boycott him and do similar things to his ideas. Finally, i decided i should talk to him. I started by applauding him on the idea he pitched that morning and the valid points he made and then sealed by telling him that its definitely going to be considered by the heads of the firm.

Then i began with explaining how people would appreciate him better if he brought his voice down by a few decibels and stepped up his confidence game and talked to the bosses and noy yelled at them because you always give wonderful ideas which they end up using in a different way without including him in the credits.

Basically, i let him know his strong points and then told him where he could do better. All without making him feel like he was anything less than my colleague.

Thanks and hope this helps.


1. Know his background. Culture plays a role on how a person communicates. Know something about his family history. A family that frequently screams at each other will naturally form unwanted habits noticeable when they interact outside. Sometimes the loud tones are a means to communicate what they are used to. 

2. Know the logic behind the raised tone. If it is hinted with anger, understand that anger is a manifestation when someone is not in control. So if they raise their voice, it might mean that they perceive the situation as being out of their control. 

3. Going back to 1, there are people who speak louder than others but this doesn't mean they are angry. It's just how they are used to communicating on their place. I know have encountered several patients that I initially thought was toxic only to realize that this is how they really talk naturally. Don't take it personal. 

4. Ask if the person intends to raise their voice. Sometimes they are not even aware they are doing it. 


The best way is to tell him directly how you feel. Just ask him to lower his voice. If he's human enough to care for his colleagues and the good mood of the others,he's going to listen. If not, that means he doesn't care about the others, he cares only about himself. These people won't last long, they end up being ignored. 

If you're part of a group, you have to respect the others, you can't do waht you want. I'd say just tell him straight. 


Sarcastic condescending sign language...

One finger over the mouth, other hand’s thumb point down while moving up and down.



Why worry about his feelings. If he is raising his voice to make his point known then he needs to learn it is rude.

I wouldn't worry too much as just be direct from the start and tell him to keep it down or you won't listen. These types of people want you to hear what they are saying so he will listen to your request.

By not telling him directly and beating around the bush he won't learn a thing. Make them understand it's rude to raise your voice whilst talking to someone.