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What's the reverse effect of not drinking enough water (2 liters) a day?
We all see at TV commercials that we should drink at least 2 liters per day to be healthy, but what happens if we don't drink that amount...?

What happens when you are actually dehydrated?

When you actually begin to feel thirsty and your body is as of now dehydrated; our thirst mechanism lingers behind our real dimension of hydration.

Research demonstrates that as meager as 1% dehydration adversely influences your disposition, attention, memory and daily coordination.true data in humans is missing and conflicting, yet it gives the idea that the brain tissue fluid often decrease with dehydration, in this way lessening brain volume and temporarily and negatively influencing cell functions

As you "lose" body water without supplanting it, your blood turns out to be progressively concentrated, at a point, this triggers your kidneys to hold water. The outcome: you urinate less.

The thicker and progressively concentrated your blood turns into, the harder it is for your cardiovascular system to remunerate by expanding pulse to actually keep up the blood pressure.

At the point when your got dehydrated your body is "pushed" –, for example, when practicing or faced with the stress of heat – the danger of fatigue or collapse tend to really increase.. This can make you to actually faint, for example, when you stand up too rapidly.

Less water likewise hampers the body's endeavors at managing temperature, which can cause hyperthermia (a body temperature enormously above than normal).

At a cell level, "shrinkage" happens as water is successfully acquired to keep up different stores, for example, the blood. The mind detects this and triggers an expanded impression of thirst.


Dehydration would be the result which in turn causes all kinds of nasty symptoms. In a dehydrated state your body cannot flush out waste and toxic byproducts, your skin becomes less supple, your thinking might become foggy and you have difficulties to focus. Your whole body needs hydration, every organ, muscle, bones, skin, everything. In a hot climate or when exercising or working physically it is even more crucial to stay hydrated. Thus two litres sounds pretty reasonable.