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Who do you like more - Santa Claus or Grinch?
We either love or hate Christmas so is normal to answer which we like more Santa Claus or Grinch...

Of course I love Santa Claus. I'm a Christian and I very well celebrate Christmas.

I'd choose Santa Claus over and again not just because I love Christmas but also because I love gifts. Well, who doesn't?



Because he smokes DMT - hence, the elves - and knows where all the naughty girls live. 😈


Santa Claus solely for the gifts! but other than that I think I can personally relate to the Grinch as to why he dislikes Christmas so much.

I am using the "word" dislike here because it's not that I "hate" Christmas but much more like scared, annoyed and somewhat irritated whenever the Christmas Season starts and most especially on New Year's Eve.

I don't know much about other countries traditions but in the Philippines, the Christmas season is often greeted (for days) by fireworks, and not just like the fireworks we love seeing at the sky but fireworks that kinda works like a mini-dynamite.Β 

Kids and Children throw off this kind of fireworks (some are now even illegal to buy and sell due to how dangerous it is) Β at random on the ground, at the middle of streets. So the possibility of a normal citizen being "boomed" by this mini-dynamite is somewhat high. There have been many instances where people's fingers (or even a hand) and/or foot have to be cut off because of the nature of this fireworks. So yeah consider me somewhat scared during the Christmas season.

There are also some people who who likes to put some kind of metal dangling in their cars to celebrate Christmas, I really hate that as it's too noisy. Lol So consider me somewhat irritated because of the "noise" Christmas generates.

Last but not the least, there are some people (those who have firearms) who likes to shoot at the sky during this Season. There have been many reports of people getting hit by this bullets after it drops. So personally I am just not that into Christmas.Β 

The presents are the only thing that makes Christmas somewhat favorable. XD


Santa. He is such a warm and fuzzy character to help spur us on through the cold winter months. The Grinch is dull, and takes hope away. LOL



There is no doubt I really like Santa because we human are greedy and we love gifts. Sometimes it makes happy and I very excited about Christmas and I will wait for Santa in my dream.Β 


Thank you & Merry Christmas in advance :-)


It's not even a question Santa it's christmas. You don't want gifts right? :D