What is the major cause of unemployment?

The rate of unemployment is turning out to be increasing very drastic in some part of the world today which is really affecting the development of the economy.

This has also led most students and youth to give up on education such that they have no value for education because they already believe that they can't secure good jobs after graduation. Also, before you can get a good job some people believe you have to be very connected to some high officials.

Some people got lucky and are destined to have a job they are doing. I had to think about the major cause of unemployment after going through your questions and I was able to come up with the below causes.

1) CORRUPTION: It will be very difficult for you to secure your worthy job in a corrupted environment or society. This means the officials may employ people who aren't capable for the job and ignore your application because the system is corrupted and this has also polluted them.

Corruption leads to hypocrisy in job employment and this makes people who deserve to be employed getting neglected for the job.

2) LACK OF REQUIRED SKILL : Sometimes we youths are to be blamed for our lack of employment because we don't have the required skills to offer.

You can't expect me to own a company and employ someone who isn't competent enough to offer any service that can develop and promote my business standards. As youths we have to learn the required skills to get employed.

3) POOR ECONOMY : The economy of the country also have the impact regarding employment. If the economy is poor, there is low chances of earning more employment compared to a very developed country.

4) SELF CENTERED ATTITUDE : This is very common in most private company and rich people. They prefer employing their friend's children despite these children are already wealthy and they neglect the poor ones because they what want to keep staying rich without helping others to be rich.

I wish every rich people can also help some poor pepper people who deserve job employment by employing them in the required field.

These are the 3 points I think is causing unemployment in problems.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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"Skills Mismatch!

The problem nowadays is that the majority of jobs are being populated by over-qualified people. What do you think would happen when there are too many people competing for only one job? 

Companies should focus on finding people that really fit the job description. But what usually happens is that they will settle for anyone as long as they are knowledgeable and have experienced on the job. With the advancement of technology, one could just easily learn things over the net making almost all willing people to have a chance for any job.

Just imagine how many people would compete for a "Software Developer" listing. Almost all computer-related courses like Computer Engineering, IT, Computer Science, etc. will compete for that. There are major differences on these three but since one can just learn things over the net, they could just easily shift their expertise fast.

A position for an "accountants" assistant are now even replaced by someone who is good in math and/or computers. One who was rejected on the Software Developer listing above could actually become an accountant's assistant, which would become one less job for a supposed to be accountant. 

Over-qualified people have taken over most jobs because it's more EASY to do and because they are most of the time already guaranteed the job position..


The greatest cause of unemployment is the mismatch between the supply of and demand for workforce with specific skills in specific geographic areas. 

I think the proportion of those who don't want to work out of the unemployed is small. Living on the dole is staying alive, not living. Even in countries that have relatively generous welfare benefits, the gap between normal earnings and unemployment benefits and other benefits is so large that having to live on benefits can easily lead to social isolation because the one cannot afford much else but the bare necessities while living on benefits.


An incomplete match of supply and demand for specific skills in specific locations. Both are in constant flux as technology changes, demand for goods and services changes, the business environment changes, taxes and monetary policy change, and so on and so forth. On the supply side, older members of the workforce retire and young people enter the workforce.


Crapitalism is the major cause of unemployment.


Without that the world would be a place of abundance.


The reasons for unemployment in high-pay nations of the world can be arranged in two different ways: either recurrent unemployment caused by the economy being in a subsidence, or the regular rate of unemployment caused by components in labor markets, for example, government directions with respect to employing and beginning organizations.


I think a vast number of population in the major cause of unemployment.

There are many problems a over the world. Like drug addiction, unemployed, women education and so on. But now a days unemployment become a great problem in this modern world. There are many reasons behind it. They are : -

• A vast number of population.

• Scarcity of education.

• Scarcity of money. Because now a days to get a job you need to spend money. In this modern world knowledge is not enough for getting a job. You need both of them. They are money and knowledge.

It is curse in our society. Because of this problem we need to face many difficulties in our daily life. They are : -

• Because of this problem many boys are mixing with many bad things. And they do many antisocial work in order to continuing their bad things.

• Because of this problem they do many many bad works for earning money. Like highjacking, looting and sometimes they kill man to collect money from them.

And so on.

A vast number of population in responsible for unemployment problem. Because the number of population is is increasing everyday but number of jobs are not increasing. That's why most of the educated people don't get jobs.

So, it can be said that a vast number of population is the major cause of unemployment.


The cause of unemployment in a country is caused by many of the following causes of the amount of unemployment according to triangle8

as follows.

1. Demographic pressure with the number and composition of the workforce

the big one.

2. Economic growth is much smaller than growth


3. The number of available jobs is smaller than the number of seekers


4. Competence of job seekers is not in accordance with the job market.

5. Termination of employment (PHK) caused, between

other companies that close or reduce their business fields

due to unfavorable economic or security crises, regulations

which inhibits investment, barriers in the export-import process,


6. Lack of effective labor market information for job seekers.

7. Various regulations and bureaucratic behavior that are less conducive to

business development.

8. There is still a difficult flow of foreign capital.

9. Investment climate that is not yet conducive.

10. Pressure on wage increases in the midst of a sluggish business world.

11. Poverty.

12. Income inequality.

13. Urbanization.

14. Unstable political stability.

15. Protectionist behavior of a number of developed countries in accepting exports

from developing countries, including Indonesia.

16. The existence of a global market.


This is a simple answer from me. Indeed in this world there are so many people unemployed, because it is influenced by several invoices

1. Poverty

Poverty is a basic problem. Poverty is the root cause of other factors. Poverty, makes them unable to go to school and get good knowledge. Evil science can affect everyone's mindset. The latter works as a laborer who only turns into an option. These people will work for money. Not the other way around.

2. Low Education

This is another factor that emerges from poverty. The low economic conditions of the Indonesian population make them get minimal education. Not only that, many young people in big cities live on the streets asking for begging, singing, or selling hawks. His low education makes them difficult to get a better job.

3. Lack of Employment

Every year, many universities melt hundreds or even thousands of prospective new workers. But graduation rates are not comparable to the jobs available in this country. Finally, only a portion of them do work, few take the choice of entrepreneurship, and support those who are still waiting to work with nothing.

4. Skill Lack

The habit of Malang, the younger generation to improve their skills, makes them graduate from school without having provision. This is a job that is very much needed in the world of work. Not only limited to book theories. Many who recruit employees are not only based on high diploma, but also the skills they have mastered are added values.

5. Global Market Existence

After the opening of the global market in Indonesia, Indonesian workers have become increasingly difficult to find jobs. Global markets make the job recruitment process even tighter. Moreover, many prospective workers who have higher quality than Indonesian citizens themselves, this is evidenced by several workers in large companies that have foreign employees.


The cause of unemployment

1. There is no balance between job land and the number of workforce

Basically unemployment is caused by a situation where the demand for labor is very less compared to the supply of labor itself. the rapidly increasing number of working-age population is not matched by the presence of adequate employment opportunities so that unemployment occurs

2. Technological progress so that no more work is needed in the field

Rapidly developing technology is very beneficial for the development of human life. The impact of technological development also affects humans themselves. Especially for workers who are no longer needed because they have been replaced by machines

3. Lack of education and skills

Lack of education and skills is the thing that causes unemployment in Indonesia to increase, to obtain various kinds of skills work is needed. Job competition is not only in Indonesia but also from foreign residents. An important position in the company is usually held by foreigners because of the lack of skills of the Indonesian people. Therefore, currently there are many non-formal education that emphasize on developing managerial skills