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What are the behaviors of a confident person?

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There are some habits that are carried out by people who are confident with them, or so that self-confidence continues to grow within themselves.

  • A little showing off success

Hearing the word "show off" maybe you immediately think that this is a negative attitude. But if you only do it a little, showing success to others can bring confidence. Show that you have achieved an achievement that benefits the company, so you are accustomed to recognizing your own achievements.

  • Always say "I can do it"

Confidence starts with intention. Tell the people around you that you will complete your task, then work to solve it. By declaring your purpose to someone else and fulfilling it you will feel more responsible. You also at the same time grow credibility and authority in the office. But remember, failing to complete a task can have the opposite effect.

  • Express your thoughts

Low self-esteem can be a barrier for you to say what is really in your mind. You have to get rid of that barrier. Start trying to argue in the meeting, even though initially it's difficult but you will get used to it for a long time. At least by talking, you can see how people react to your ideas, then fix them if necessary.

  • Use personal criticism as motivation

Sometimes we experience personal attacks from other people at work. Maybe even everyone has experienced it. Negative comments like this are usually aimed at lowering you or making you lose confidence. If this happens, don't be angry. Use that criticism as a basis for introspection.

  • Practice the abilities

You may doubt yourself because you feel you have no ability to do a task. Training is the right solution for this problem. Join seminars and online courses related to your field to fight these inferior feelings.

  • Expand insight

You can fight inferiority with a lot of learning. Read various books, watch presentations from TED, or exchange thoughts with experts. By understanding complex problems, you will feel more confident. Be careful, once you start to know a lot of things, you can get caught up in knowing attitude. Even though there are still many people out there who are smarter than you.

  • Smile

People with high self-esteem tend to smile. But a smile can also arise from habits. If you come to the office, greet your colleague with a smile and ask them how. Knowing more about what's happening in the office will encourage you to be better, and that positive feeling will be contagious.

  • Hang out with the right people

The best way to increase your confidence is to get along with people who can give you enthusiasm. Namely those who value your efforts, even realize the little things you do. If you hang out with people who criticize too much, your confidence will gradually erode. It's time to find new friends.


A confident individual never attempts to end up certain. He/she never imagine.

Confident ones barely care about the assessments of others. They tune in, they grin and they do what they consider is ideal for them.

They talk reality, some of the time their falsehoods additionally stable like 'reality'.

They generally convey a grin all over.

They are not uncertain or forceful of what they say, they say things confidently.

Now and again, They are additionally OK with apprehension, low inclination, getting open to, tolerating things as they seem to be, not endeavoring to pass judgment or doing self-loathing talks is the greatest indication of a sure individual.

They wear their disappointments as a symbol of respect. They fall flat, they learn, get up and begin once more.

They cherish Sharing their disappointment stories or uncertainties, generally speaking they are never embarrassed about demonstrating their feeble side. They take pride in what they do.

They converse with everybody tenderly and take No poo.

Certain individuals have persistence. They don't make a wreck, they sit tight for the correct individual or turn into the most extreme perfect individual.