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What are the best methods to relieve stress?


There is no other way around it. One needs to take time out to rest. In this fast paced world it is becoming increasingly impossible for one to get adequate rest. I take myself for example, for the past one month I have been finding it hard to sleep, not that I can't. It more like I'm not willing to. I want to but in more time and effort in building my steem account. However, sometimes more is less. I have been drained and i almost quited yesterday. But thankfully I got a decent nap this afternoon and I feel revived. Sometimes we just need to take a pause, step back a little and rest. I recommend sleep, and an a bath. Those two things help calm one down--it works for me.


I think that it could depends or varies per person cause we differ in what we like and enjoy in life.

Some can relieve stress by sleeping or eating their favorite foods. While others need to have an overseas vacation and whole body massage to relieve their stress.

I could relieve stress by sleeping since having a good amount of rest can really help us in feeling better. Walking also helps me feel better especially if walking in a place with a nice view of nature and cleaner air.

I sometimes play in arcades to feel relaxed and entertain myself


Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lie down. Afterwards, try to breathe normally as usual and place your hands on your stomach. Then take a breath slowly through your nose, allowing your chest and lower abdomen to expand until you feel your hands go up. Let your stomach expand until it reaches its maximum capacity. Hold your breath for a few minutes, and then exhale slowly through your mouth (or you can pass your nose if you feel this is more comfortable). You should also feel your hands slowly coming down. Repeat for a few minutes.

By controlling your breathing, you focus your mind on slow, deep breathing that helps you escape from stressful thoughts and sensations. Deep breathing can calm nerves in the brain. This is another reason why deep breathing can be a powerful way to deal with stress.

Laughter is a natural way to relieve stress. Because, laughing is useful to release tension in the body and make your mind more empty.

Laughter can reduce the release of the hormone cortisol and adrenaline, two stress-triggering hormones, and replace them with endorphins that make you happy. Laughter can also train the diaphragm, contract the stomach to the shoulder. After doing so, you will feel the parts tighten and then become more relaxed.

You can take the time to watch funny movies, read humor stories, or gather with friends who can always make you smile and even laugh.

Good luck trying various ways of relaxation above, those are two things that I often do to relieve stress on me.


For me, the best way to get rid of stress is to "SLEEP".

Now, how can we sleep when we are stressed? It will be very difficult right?

The trick is to make our bodies tired first. This can be done with a variety of things such as exercising, walking, or doing other activities that make our energy drained.

Well, for me, I will eat a lot of spicy food until I am really full. By venting it on food, and forcing the body to get tired, in the end I was able to sleep soundly.

After sleep, stress will decrease dramatically, and we will be able to think of the next solution.