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What do you wish to change about the society..?

  We all wish to see some changes in our society but as everyone has the different way of thinking and distinct priorities, we never reach on an agreement. However, many things are terrible about the society which must be changed. A society should not confine itself to the outdated beliefs and dogmas. It should change with the time; otherwise it will be like a pond which water gets spoiled gradually. I wish to see following changes in the society:

Herd mentality: Sometimes it seems that we humans are not better than sheep. We follow some people blindly. We consider someone very able and charismatic and become his/her followers. Politicians, religious gurus, film stars, sports persons become ideal for many. Politicians and religious leaders, priests etc. are followed blindly. Buddha said, “Don’t follow anyone blindly. Be your own beacon. Don’t follow a thing because your teacher had said that. Judge everything rationally.” In fact herd mentality is our worst enemy. It doesn’t let us to think and act rationally. So, this mentality must be changed. Mob lynching, which is the result of herd mentality and insensitive behavior,  is increasing these days in many parts of the world. Herd mentality turns us into mental slaves. A slave is better than a so called free man whose mentality is govern by other's wishes.

Social discrimination: Man is divided in various groups based on his nationality, color, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, occupations, social status etc. Corrupt and unscrupulous people exploit masses because they know exactly that common man is divided and always suffers from the identity crisis. Common people unite when they feel that their religion, political party or racial group etc. is under attack. They act irrationally and become over-sensitive on these issues. I wish people get out of their identity crisis and become logical and rational thinkers. This goal is very difficult to achieve because we don’t care till we face any type of discrimination.  

Injustice: This world is full of injustice. We don’t care about injustice until we become a victim of any form of injustice. A rape victim’s family wishes the rapist to be hanged but when a member of the family is involved in such a crime, very few families dare to come forward to punish him. This is hypocrisy. This is the reason of injustice in this world. One can see petty criminals suffering for years in jails but powerful people seldom punished for their heinous crimes.

Social injustice: We cannot make everyone rich but the wide gap between the super rich and the poorest person should be a matter of grave concern for us. In the modern world gap between the rich and the poor is widening. In India the richest person earns 120,000,000 INR per hour while many has to live on just 20 INR per day. This gap should be narrowed down for the sake of a healthy society.

Insensitive behavior and moral turpitude: People expect others to follow rules and live honestly but they seldom follow such things in their own life. If one is hurt, one feels pain but when others suffer, one never feels any sympathy towards them. People are becoming insensitive and unresponsive towards others’ problems and sufferings. This must change. I wish people may become empathetic and considerate. 

Apart from these things I wish we have a new political system in which no one would be allowed to compel others on his/her wish. A new political system has become a necessity because present political system is serving rich and corrupt people. Religions are outdated and making people zombies. We need a society free of religious dogmas and superstitions. Our society is becoming sick. We need complete treatment. 


If I can change one thing, maybe cutting all the middle-person and -organisations. Why couldn't we communicate each other directly. In my opinion, 95% of the existing businesses out there are probably meaningless middle organisations. Except farming profit, they are basically doing nothing. For example, government, for example tour operators, etc.

A perfect society is according to me purely peer to peer and trustless, why's any middle person needed anyway.



More transparency in governments around the world.