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What do you think about meditation ?

I love meditation and this has been one of the best things in my life that I started to meditate.  To me meditation is peace, meditation is happiness, mediation is serenity, meditation is a relaxation of body, mind, and soul.

My Mediation Journey will tell you what I highly think about Mediation

Based on my experience if you are meditating daily you will see that you as a person change a lot. In, simple terms by doing meditation you will benefit only as there is no harm involved here. You start seeing things around with different perspective - you will also notice that people around you need your help and the inside you changes as well. 

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Practicing meditation daily will lead you to a happy life i.e. no stress and tension all these things will disappear, believe me, its true and I've experienced the same. You, just need to sit down comfortably anywhere you like close your eyes and just relax and let the thoughts keep coming. Start with a one-minute mediation and slowly increase the time. There is a lot of guided meditation as well which you can listen to and practice meditation. During my initial days of the mediation journey I did use Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Gurujis guided meditation and it had been of immense help throughout my journey of Mediation. 

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Think meditation as a journey that you would like to complete and have some memorable day to relish during this journey. Similarly, like a recent trip that you would have made and would not like to forget it throughout your life.

So to me, mediation started as a journey to learn and experience. Till date, I'm following this journey as the benefits am getting from it are immense and cannot be compared to anything in life.

If you haven't started your meditation journey than highly recommend it friends. 


Meditation is a way to concentrate your mind and focus on something for the better of your body, mind and soul. When you do meditation, you will see you are more aware of things that's going on in your life. It brings happiness and peace in your life.

When you do meditation, you concentrate your mind. And you are learning how to concentrate and focus on one thing. You know how to avoid others thoughts that comes in your mind. To improve your concentration, you can do meditation. 

We have to go through a lot of stress. It can come from your professional life or personal life. If you want to live a healthy and happy life, you should reduce stress. And medication can help you to do that.

Who doesn't want to look young and beautiful anyway? Studies shows that if you do meditation, you look better. It changes brain physiology to slow aging. Since meditation helps reduce stress, you will not only feel better, but also look better.

Self awareness is very important. Do you know what you really want in life? Self awareness brings happiness. It is because you know who you are, and you can focus on doing your thing instead of comparing yourself with others and listen to other people. Meditation can increase self awareness and happiness in life.

When you do meditation, it helps you become more aware of your thoughts and action. You can see what you are doing that is not right. Maybe you eat unhealthy food sometimes or you do not do exercises that you decided to do. Now you can focus on eating healthy and doing exercise. Meditation encourages a healthy lifestyle.

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I highly encourage meditation.

Meditation is the habit of trying to gain control over one's mind and to give thoughts a direction.

It makes for proper relaxation and reduces stress. When an individual is stressed, an increased amount of cortisol gets released and this could lead to depression and anxiety. Meditation can take care of this as research have indicated.

Meditation can also reduce anxiety by its relaxing effect. Anxiety comes in different forms such as those with related to work, fear and in anticipation of danger. Some bit of meditation will help.

Meditation also helps one to have good self esteem. It makes one to have good self-image. People who practise meditation are less likely likely to suffer from inferiority complex.

Meditation also helps to sharpen one's attention span. This works by blocking out other thoughts while we keep our mind focused on one thing, one idea.

Meditation also improves retention and the ability to remember.

Those are the benefits of meditation. It's highly recommended that everyone tries meditation.


I think meditation is a practice that has amazing benefits. It is not easy to master, or become proficient at meditation. It takes work. 

Mastering forms of meditation will help you to become more in tune with your body, lower hypertension, and create a much calmer sense of "self".

There are little to no known disadvantages to meditation. 


Meditation is the process of relaxation. It is not the concentration of our thoughts on any object, but it is a process of giving rest to our body. By meditating, we will be able to control our mind and also to control our anger

Due to meditation, there are special changes in the internal actions of the body and every organs of the body get refreshment. This refreshment  increases our skill of  communication and help us in being active. She a person does meditation, he get relief from stress , headache and muscular pain. 


I do it everyday. Meditation can be as short as a minute. One of the most common form of meditation is prayer. It relieves us of stress knowing that our supplications will be answered.