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Do you find it hard to say "sorry" when you know you are wrong?? Why?
Numerous individuals discover it so hard to state "sorry" as a methods for expression of remorse notwithstanding when they are incorrect. On the off chance that yes or no do you mind sharing the reason?

In the past,one of my most disgusting habits is the refusal to apologise even when i am at fault...i do find it very difficult to say "sorry"even when i am the one that hurt the other person.....i continued living that way until life experience taught me that saying "sorry"would not make you less of a human being...so i decided to start working on how to drop my ego and apologise to anyone that i offend,so i decided to always apologise to anyone even if it is not a complete fault of mine.....

That decision of learning to say "sorry"has positively helped my life and it has made me to gain alot of respects from people in my society and also among my friends and family...it takes a great maturity to accept your faults and apologise immediately....


I have always being taught right from childhood that it is respectful to apologise as a way to show "remorse"for any wrong thing which you did...apology is a matured way to deal with issues and saying a simple "sorry" can actually go a very long way to stop and control a conflict....

It is advicable that everyone should learn how to say "sorry"in other to avoid conflicts or any fights or issues that could stem out from any situation we find ourselves in....

Though some people do try to take advantage of people who are quick to apologise whenever they are percieved to do something wrong,yeah that happens in our society but we should not allow that to stop us from saying "sorry"whenever we wrong someone....


When I was a kid, my parents instilled in me the 4 magic words:

  • Sorry. When you offended someone, hurt them, did harm to them or anything that you think may have caused trouble to someone, this is the you need to say.
  • Please. When you need something and requests someone to get it or do it, say this.
  • Thank you. When you are given something, when someone does your requests, say this.
  • Welcome. When someone says thank you, this is the appropriate response.

Because as a child I was taught to say these, so it not hard for me to say any of it because I am accustomed to saying those words.