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Do you think that it is easier to read a book in online e-book, kindle, interactive multimedia or paper? Why?

I prefer reading from paper, although ebook are somewhat easy to get these days and also they do come with more information and better source than what papers currently offer, but for some reason, reading from paper I tend to give total attention to it than when reading online, ebook and what have you, probably cause ebook comes with distraction as well, am not referring to the ebook itself, but in other to read an ebook, you need a device with an ebook reader installed and those device most times come with internet or other form of entertainment which can easily distract you.

Probably if a device that was solely for ebook was manufactured or produced that does not come with any online or any form of entertainment music, movies and what have you, probably then ebook would be more fun and proper attention would be given to it.

It can also be trace back to my school and learning pattern, ever since we where little we were taught to read from papers and ebook might seem somewhat strange and also no proper devotion as to when compared from the native or usual paper format.

I doubt this earlier generation would prefer reading from book, cause most of the education presented now can be gotten easily online


I prefer paper, printed book. I love paper, not to mention it's healthier to the eye as well. It's a pleasure reading a real book, turning the pages and enjoying the smell of paper.

Sometimes I'm forced to read online because I can't get myself a copy of the preferred book, but I can't say I enjoy it. I do it out of necessity, not out of please.

Unfortunately storing printed books is a problem, space is limited and over the years one can accumulate a number of books that at one point can become a problem. I prefer to swap books with others and keep the good ones only and won't switch to digital unless I have to.