How to setup linux on dual boot with windows?
I want to install linux on pc with windows. Anyone knows about it?

It's pretty easy. If you have created partitions for all your disk space you should shrink a volume to get hard disk space for linux installation.

  1. goto windows partition manager. ( click on search next to start in win 10 and type partiotion manager ) You will see all your disks and partition volumes created
  2. right-click on the partition which you need to shrink and click shrink volume.
  3. go through the process to create an empty space.
  4. reboot with a bootable dvd or usb of linux.
  5. boot into the linux distro and install as usual.
  6. you will be asked to install grub ( don't skip it ).
  7. after installation reboot

now you will see that linux and windows are listed in the bootloader ( grub menu).