After introduceyourself post, what other post can one earn big on steemit?

I feel earning big depends on the quality of the vote and also if it attracts any of the big guys on steemit, you never can tell the one it would be.

But from my observation over my year on the platform I think a post on your birthday and your steemit anniversary has a way of attracting lots of people to your blog especially if you are the active type.

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Well I'm sorry to burst your bubble but there isn't any one type of post that you can make that will guarantee good upvotes, some people get lucky and get noticed by some big wigs, others post for weeks and don't get anything at all.

My advice to you would be to try and join communities, make friends and maybe you just might get noticed by a whale or at least a dolphin. From there you'll be able to build yourself little by little.

Keep your ears open for contests and coin launchings because that's another way to get reasonable upvotes. People got some pretty good upvotes when netcoins was about to list steem so looking out for things like that is definitely a good way to go about things.

I hope this helps.

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