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Should kids be allowed to watch tv?

Yes they should, also via the supervision of a guardian, certain shows are somewhat educational which I believe would increase their capability to grasp knowledge easily, there is a saying that goes like this,

> Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn, Benjamin Franklin.

Although they might be somewhat little to grasp the full content of what might be shown via the TV, but certain programs actually do teach them be it science, mathematics and what have you and when constantly taught, the brain tends to easily recall such things.

So, I believe children should be allowed to watch TV, but remember under the supervision of an adult


Watching of TV is a form of entertainment and there are a lot of entertaining and educational programs on TV that kids can benefit from. So yes, kids should be allowed to watch TV but what they watch should be monitored or controlled by their parents so that they don't watch what will influence them negatively


Truly. TV gives introduction to basic social references that will enable the kids to identify with their friends once they are developed.

Be that as it may, guardians likewise have a commitment to choose what their kids watch, and how much.


Truly kids ought to be permitted to sit in front of the TV however under parent's watch. A portion of the kid's shows being demonstrated today are utilizing harsh dialect and that isn't something beneficial to grasp. 

They can be indicated enlightening projects dependent on science, innovation, creatures. Some science based projects are done in an energizing and fun way which makes the kids stuck to it and make inquiries with respect to it. 

Projects which utilize foul dialect, brutality ought not be energized as watching these kind of projects create fierce conduct in children .