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Will someone need a license before they can use a drone?

I can only tell you about Thailand because thats where I live. I do own a drone, and thenanswer to your question is an emphatic YES!

Its a bit complicated and convoluted but this is how you get it.

Firstly, any drone with a camera and/or  weighing in at over 2Kg needs a license but to get that, you must hsve drone insurance. When you have the paperwork for the insurance which MUST include the policy holders name,  make, model and serial number of drone. Its weight, and clearly showing its policy is valid in Thailand all along with photos and then you can apply.

Go to Thai civil aviation website, www.caat.or.th/uav and fill in the forms. its slow and in Thai but the boxes you need to fill in are in English. Its slow and clunky but stick with it.

When youve done all this, its a two to three month wait while they do various background checks including with the drug agency and Immigration and with the National Intelligence agency. .......Hopefully you will then have your license, all in Thai lol

ahhh one last thing. You also need to register with the NBTC who control radio frequencies in Thailand.  A friend told me this might no longer be a requirement though even though I had to. In Thailand, procedures are very very fluid lets say!

Hope this helps anyone thinking of coming for a short trip to fly their drone in Thailand, you'll need to apply months in advance!