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How musing.io work ?
Musing is a community driven Q and A website, very similar to Quora. However unlike Quora, Musing is based off the Steem blockchain and that is how it rewards its users. When it comes to answering a question for max rewards, make sure you are either the first one to answer or the second. Through my time with Musing I have noticed that the first 2 (good quality) answers tend to receive a 15-20% upvote most of the time. This is inportant to note as you may want to try a newer answer that doesn’t already have 3+ answers as it will allow you to get a bigger reward. Anyone that is after and doesn’t really have a different answer than those above will automatically quality for an upvote of 3-5%. Now, for those who ask questions, you can also get upvoted! Seems pretty cool as you can throw a quick sentence question and get a decent upvote. Most questions will be upvoted at 5%, but they are a lot more stricter on which questions get upvoted and you can’t just spam questions. One huge thing to keep in mind with Musing is that you need to be expecting answers to be missed. They have a manual curation team that consists of 6 people and they definitely cannot see each answer, for example just yesterday I did over 7 answers, and only got upvoted on 2 of them. So be ready to accept misses or just not be upvoted at all.

Musing is a question answer platform like Quora, but it is built on top of steem blockchain. If you have any question and you do not find the exact answer, you can ask that question here. You will get the answer from other people. The interesting thing is, you can get upvote for asking question. 

A lot of people ask questions on Musing every day. You can help others answering their questions. In this way you will not help the person who asked the question, but also you help many people all over the world. People will upvote your answer if they find it useful. Even Musing itself gives upvote for quality answer. This is an awesome platform where you get rewards for your contribution.


This question answer may be given so many times. In musing you can ask a question and also you can also give an answer to a question. If your question or answer is helpful to people then you will get an upvote from musing. This is how it works.

But still, you have to know about musing. That is don't give any irrelevant reply to a question. Don't copy any answer from the web. Musing doesn't support copy pasting or scams. Try to find out the depth of the question and then answer it. Musing is helping people to enrich their knowledge.

Musing is a Question and Answer site where you ask questions or provide answers to questions asked. You also stand the chance of these questions and answers being upvotes to the tune of 1-15% by the musing curation team.