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You're stranded on an island-- you get to call a superhero to come save you, whom do you call and why?
Hint, Iron man so we'd Netflix and chill.

Well for me it would have to be Batman, I mean he's a mega wealthy tycoon who can travel anyone he likes and has access to many luxurious boats, cruise liners and yachts, all of which can be sent to come and rescue me.

Moreover, in reality, for me he's the most logical and feasible choice simply because as some people would say, Batman's super power is moneyπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. I imagine it'll be a much more comfortable ride home in a jet or in a boat than flying around in the air and being held up by someone like superman or wonder woman.

Finally, I believe choosing Batman would be a more true to life choice and thus, if I did find myself in that situation, he's the one I'd call.

I hope this helps.