You won 1 million dollar. What would you do first?

Wow, Why do I feel like I've won it already??, lol. So I'll separate my Tithe first, then separate some percentage for charity.. 

Separate for business and investments.. Then I'll get a house, won't want to pay rent anymore.. After I'm sure that my financial future is settled, I will take some rest, probably a vacation..


great sum I hope this becomes reality.

I will complete my father's house in the village and start up a business for him.

I will build a tenant house in Lagos and another dublex for my family members that don't have a house, a place I can also stay when I am in Lagos.

I will buy a house in Abuja

I will buy more land in Lagos

I will pay for a permanent structure in Church and also give some money to the society that helps the poor

I will invest in my inlaw by starting up an eatery for him

I will lock 50 million naira in bank

I will look up for a business to start.

I will eat and have fun


I will split the money into three. I will buy bitcoin, EOS and Steem and then go to bed.


Wow, 1million dollars, honestly the first thing I'd do is stop at the nearest fast food joint and eat the biggest burger they have there, I mean you've got to have enough food in your belly before you can think of what to do with all that money.

Like a typical Christian, I'd probably head over to church and pay my tithes, gotta pay respects to the big man upstairs. But after that, the first serious thing I'd do with the money would be to invest it in something.

I'd probably buy a house first, I mean that's a reasonable investment and it saves me from ever having to pay rent again. In my country you could probably score a pretty good house for about 1/6 of that money so you'll still have a lot left.

I hope this helps.


If you win 1 million dollars. What will you do first? If I win 1 million dollars, the first thing I do is invest in several web investments so that I can double the money I get. If I just leave the money, then the amount of 1 million dollars is not developed, but if I take the money for my investment in several web investments, then my money will increase many times over.

And after I made a profit that was many times the money that I got as much as 1 million dollars, I will withdraw the money for my share to those who are less fortunate so that the money I get is blessed and useful for others and specifically for myself. And partly I use it to build a business going forward I can get income from the business that I built.

And the most important thing is if we get money for free from anyone as much as 1 million dollars, then you can use the money to double the money by investing in several web investments so that the money can double from the previous one which only amounted to around 1 million dollars. After we get a very large profit from the investment that we do, which is as much as 1 million dollars, we use it to share with people who are in need of money.