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How can the Musing homepage be improved?
What will make for a better UI/UX ?

that in the profiles of the users there would be a bar which indicates the voting power that is held so far in addition to this an indicator that shows the number of responses that have had within musing as well as the questions and according to this that through From a few stars, users can indicate how good their answers are.


Musing home page can be improved by several ways;

It should have an option of paying when we write the answer of the question then first of all the answer should be passed from the grammar then we can earn good amount of money.

From this the best answer will get good upvotes and the person who has  to check a card  while going inside the running train 

Musing home page can be improved by giving an option of rating and so on there would be profile option in which we can see who has visited our profile.

Thanks for Reading

Dhiraj patel